Lucky Spin ML Tricks To Get Leomord Mobile Legends Hero

We will give some tips for getting the Leomord hero on Lucky Spin Mobile Legends, here are some tricks that you can use. By using this method, you can save 32,000 BP in Mobile Legends.


Mobile Legends is one of the games that always presents unique events in it, one of the events that often presents skins and heroes for free is Lucky Spin, now here are some Lucky Spin Mobile Legends tricks to get the Leomord hero.

Leomord is a hero fighter who is quite meta at the moment, Leomord’s ability as an offlaner hero is enough to be praised. The reason is, besides being able to overwhelm your opponent, Leomord also has quite high damage in Mobile Legends.

Lucky Spin Tricks in Mobile Legends

1x Spin Can Get Leomord

You can get 1x spin to get if you are lucky, besides that there are several conditions that you can fulfill besides luck.

First, on the previous 2x reset Lucky Spin you haven’t gotten any skins or heroes.

Second, you have spent more than 1000 tickets on Lucky Spin but didn’t get any skins or heroes.

If these two conditions have been met, you can get the Leomord hero with just one spin.

Play First Before Spinning

Just play a few matches and then go to the Lucky Spin menu and do a spin as usual, you have a high enough potential to get a Leomord hero, especially if you already have the conditions above.

Spin 10x

The next trick is to use 10x spins at once, this method also has a high enough potential to get the Leomord hero by using 10x spins in the Mobile Legends game.

Even so, each depends on your luck, the reason is, players will certainly get 1 skin or hero when it is 3x reset at the Lucky Spin event. But by doing lots of spins you can get a higher chance of getting skins or heroes at the event.

Prepare 1000-2000 Tickets

This is definitely effective for getting the Leomord hero in Mobile Legends. To get lots of tickets, you can also play every day and collect up to 1000 tickets.

So that’s it, some tricks to get the Leomord hero at the Lucky Spin event in Mobile Legends. Don’t forget to follow our official Instagram at @esports.ku to get the latest and more interesting information.