Unique Facts of Hero Faramis Mobile Legends (ML)

It means that you are ready to see what appears on this hero. Of course, with this, you will not be confused anymore along with some facts about this hero now.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of new and interesting updates for its players. But it doesn’t close about the Unique Facts of Hero Faramis Mobile Legends (ML), one of the Hero Support that has been around for a long time. Of course, with the presence of Hero Faramis, it makes the land of dawn arena feel different to face every opponent now. It means that you are ready to see what appears on this hero. Of course, with this, you will not be confused anymore along with some facts about this hero now.

Because there are indeed some interesting things in the game now, including if you use a hero named Faramis right now. Of course, by facing enemies, surely Hero Faramis is also among those who can and can’t face all of that in an easy way.

Support With Mage Equivalent Skills

Do you realize that Faramis’ power is very strong, even in terms of his role as support, it turns out that he can become a Mage too. Even based on my Esports experience playing Faramis, as well as those of you who give Build Support, it can still deal big damage to the opponent.

Then with the use of Skill 2 in Area, then Skill 1 which can bind the enemy is of course very influential in war. If indeed this Faramis Hero has a very high HP thickness, then don’t be surprised if Skill 1 will disturb the enemy continuously.

The damage we receive from there is also large, so you shouldn’t underestimate Faramis himself. Because every user of Hero Faramis too, turns out to have its own strength that is very strong than before.

Fastest Spawn

Then another fact is this Faramis can Spawn very quickly when competing, it’s because of his very interesting passive. When killing everyone alive in the match, you will receive a Fire Soul that Faramis Absorbs.

Then the Soul will give Faramis Heal, as well as a little Movement Speed ​​to escape from the enemy’s movements. When the stack has reached 18, then you can get a big chance to get the fastest respawn, which is only 3 seconds.

It’s just that, even though you’re late in the game and fail to reach 18 Stacks, Spawn will take too long. That’s why Faramis must collect Stack, before joining the War and just in case.

Has a Damage Chain Skill

If you pay attention to the attack from Faramis’ Skill 2, it turns out that this hero has a very large Chain Damage. So for example when you meet 2 enemies, one of the enemies is hit by Skill 2 and nearby there must be an aura that jumps.

The aura will deal additional damage to enemies, even if there are many enemies within the range of his 2nd Skill. Faramis’ passive damage will be higher than before, even making you not easily defeated.

Heroes Who Don’t Get Skin

For now it’s not yet, but actually Faramis is ready to receive a new Skin which is pretty cool for the new version. Of course it was released a long time ago, but haven’t gotten a Skin in quite a while.

Yup, that happened to this Faramis Hero and made the players confused too, so many said “Skin Faramis” if a new hero got a Skin. But according to Esportsku, after Revamp Hero Faramis Mobile Legends, a good skin will be released soon which of course is quite good with cool effects.

Someone Close to Vexana

If you pay close attention to the story about Hero Faramis and Vexana, you’ll know that the two of them are close. But actually Faramis is the only person with the ability to heal the one, Vexana.

At the beginning of the Abyss attack, Vexana and her kingdom were destroyed so that they were also exposed to this deadly Virus from the Abyss. Faramis is a confidant who will cure Vexana, but himself is also exposed to the deadly virus.

So finally Faramis was arrested and confined in a laboratory, to find the problem of this virus. According to Esportsku, one day Faramis and Vexana will get a Skin Couple whose theme might be Halloween.

Able to Raise Friends

In a state of war, Faramis has indeed become one of the most troubling heroes for us or the enemy. Because in a state of war like this, Faramis will issue Ultimate on a large scale to make the Altar awaken, of course it has an effect, namely Revive.

If a friend Dies in this circle, they will return in perfect condition even Skill will not cooldown anymore. Then if it is alive and dead again, it can reappear and fight as long as it is still in this circle area as well.

But after they live, there will be a timer on the bottom of the foot that indicates life for only a few seconds. But after Revamp, we will get a permanent Revive Effect without any rewind time.

Not Suitable For Beginners

It’s not that beginners shouldn’t use Faramis, but my advice from Esports is that considering this fact, don’t force yourself. Because Faramis’ strength in battle is weak, it is also one of the weaknesses of this Hero, so you have to be careful when using it.

No matter how good the build, you must remain alert to the enemy’s movements when using Faramis. Looking at some other facts that prove Faramis is strong, but actually things like this are not so obvious.

Lord of Forbidden Magic

From every Skill that emerged from Faramis’ attack, it turned out that all of them were thanks to the addition of very deadly Magic. Faramis had learned this great power from his book, Boof Of Resurrection and in terms of reviving.

Faramis’ power hasn’t fully come out, because he doesn’t master this Magic in its full state. Even under certain circumstances, after mastering the Forbidden Magic, Faramis will have time with Vexana and plan a war against the Moniyan Empire.

After knowing the Unique Facts of Hero Faramis in Mobile Legends (ML), then you don’t need to be confused about this anymore, it must have been obvious, for example, Faramis is indeed strong and has an interesting background. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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