Unique Facts of Hero Johnson Mobile Legends (ML)

Because there are some pretty interesting facts about it. So you definitely don't want to miss an opportunity like this right now.


Mobile Legends which has released a lot of good events that you must play right now. Especially with the Unique Facts of Hero Johnson Mobile Legends (ML), of course you can’t miss all of that. Because this Hero Johnson has some unique features that are pretty cool for you to see. Because there are some pretty interesting facts about it. So you definitely don’t want to miss an opportunity like this right now.

We certainly never forget Hero Johnson in the Mobile Legends game, because the power of this Hero is very strong. It even becomes one of the big advantages, if you really want to have an advantage in using the Hero too.

A Famous Rugby Player

If you look at the original story of Hero Johnson, it turns out that before becoming Robot Johnson, he was a Famous Rugby player. Of course, Johnson also received many awards as a human, as a very strong and invincible Rugby player.

Of course Johnson also has a lot of fans, and likes a super fast sports car. But unfortunately one day Johnson driving the vehicle had an accident, when he was trying to avoid a collision with a little girl.

Because of the accident, Johnson’s life was already on the verge of approaching death. But there is a mysterious power that makes the pieces of the Sports Car merge with Johnson, making him a Cyborg with great power.

Have Strong Skills For War

Then then the next Unique Fact about Hero Johnson is a Strong Skill for War, of course making you guys better. Of course Johnson as a Rugby player, has the power that is not inferior also when competing against the enemy.

Because it is able to make the enemy’s defenses suddenly collapse, repelling and locking movements quickly. That’s why you can use Johnson’s Skill during War, providing a much easier opportunity to do War, so we won’t be so difficult to face the enemy.

Can Turn Into A Car And Bring Friends

Of course Johnson has the ability to turn into a Car, even because of his new power that can do more damage with Nitro. Of course this is a great power for you to use, when facing enemies or capturing enemies who are indeed their strongest Core.

Moreover, if we can use this Hero properly and correctly, it will definitely give a much better impression than before. Then with a situation like this, it will definitely make you invincible with a car that you have used correctly.

The most suitable combo with mage

The next unique fact, we can also know that this Hero is compatible with Combo and Mage, of course with this power it will make you more stable. Because the abilities of Combo and Mage will be more suitable, as long as you yourself don’t make mistakes when playing the Combo.

This is indeed one of the Unique Facts that cannot be separated from the hero, if the combo with the others doesn’t fit and will end badly. But because most mage heroes give Crowd Control, of course this ability is enough to help you better.

Hit the enemy, Johnson Skill 2 and 1, then this Mage can finish absolutely. Especially if it’s with Hero Odette, it must be a good combo pair even though Odette is Lancelot’s original partner.

Have the Same Skin Pose

Well maybe none of you are too aware of this, Johnson has quite the same Pose and Direction of all his skins until now. We certainly know that there are many Hero Johnson’s Best Skins, but try to check the Pose that is present on his Skin.

For example, like Skin SABER Automata and Wreck King Johnson, it can be seen that his pose is quite similar in terms of body direction. Then from other skins such as Death Ride or Optimus Prime, it looks the same only if Optimus is different to the right but the pose is the same.

Many are not aware of this unique fact, even after seeing this you will definitely check. It’s not just the Skin that Esports I mentioned earlier, but there are also other Skins that are the same.

Subscription Banned In Epic Rank

Back when there were Banned 1-2 Heroes, it turned out that Johnson was one of the most frequently Banned in Epic Ranks. Of course this was one of the most annoying things in the Banning system at that time.

So many people are also upset about why they ban Johnson, while there are other heroes with far more terrible skills. The reason is simple, because Johnson has a large Damage, and the Crowd control effect is so annoying.

Quite a lot of bugs

If you have ever experienced this unique fact, it might feel really annoying and so annoying. Because another fact from Hero Johnson himself, turns out to have a bug that you use quite a lot of time in the match.

Even based on Esportsku Experience, we experienced a Bug when Johnson made a change but the way back. Then it suddenly reverses direction when it crashes and advances at full speed. That is indeed the most troubling bug, but Moonton’s side has removed the bug.

Even though the Animation Bug for Ultimate is still there, this only makes Johnson not change but run fast.

After you see firsthand the Unique Facts of Hero Johnson Mobile Legends (ML), it does seem interesting for you hero players. Because some of these facts show that Johnson is also a Hero who has his own story. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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