Unsuitable Heroes in Brawl Mode Mobile Legends

hero who is not too suitable and can make you bored while playing Brawl & Mirror Mode


Brawl Mobile Legends and Mirror Mode come together to make the battle even more fierce, because there are only 1 paths or lines so there is only one battle.

Although this event is temporary and usually will be held again soon, this time we will provide some hero information that is not suitable and can make you bored while playing Brawl & Mirror Mode.

There are several factors that really affect the hero so it’s not so exciting. However, this factor is because of the fact that the heroes are not too unique and the skills of the hero are very normal.

Thus, in this article, we are going to present unsuitable heroes in Brawl Mode Mobile Legends

Curious enough? Let’s refer to the explanation below. 


  1. Hylos

If you play in this mode, using a hero who has a Role Tank is not recommended at all. However, hylos is a Hero Not Suitable in Brawl Mobile Legends Mode

There are also tanks that are fun to use when playing in this mode, but not for Hylos. The skills by this hero is only the Ultimates which are quite useful, but will not be useful if all one of your teams are Hylos.


  1. Estes

The revamp received by these support heroes makes the Support role begin to be in demand. For example, Kaja, Diggie and Nana are quite reliable because the Skill is quite unique.

How about Estes? it will be difficult to truly win the game because of the Hero’s lack of offensive abilities. So, choose another Hero while you can.


  1. Terizla

Although this hero is very fierce and very dangerous in Classic or Rank mode, Terizla becomes a Hero that doesn’t fit in Brawl Mode Mobile Legends because of his minimalist mobility.

Even though the damage is quite large, unfortunately the dash type skill makes it very slow and easier to be pursued.


  1. Karina

In mirror mode, if you use an Assassin hero it can be fairly good. Because most Assassin heroes have this Melee Type, their abilities are very objective and can kill enemies quickly.

Unfortunately, the situation is also less favorable for Hero Assassin, whose abilities are at the forefront like Karina. The damage was very risky at the beginning of the game. However, the battlefield that was straight ahead only made its ability not be able to get out to the maximum.


  1. CyclopsHero Tidak Cocok Di Mode Brawl Mobile Legends

Hero mage becomes one of the most reliable heroes when playing in this Brawl & Mirror Mode. These mage heroes can dominating the game in Brawl mode at the beginning of the game.

However, this is an exception for the Cyclops hero. Maybe some of you will disagree because he has skills that lock the enemy, then finish him when they can’t move.


Those are some heroes that are not suitable in Brawl & Mirror mode, this is only our suggestion, if there is a Sun Hero in the choice it is better to just take it. Later you will enjoy the sensation of 10 vs 5.

Stay calm and have fun!


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