5 Best Valentina Battle Spell Mobile Legends (ML)

It means that you are also ready with the help of this Spell. Of course it gives a much better chance, if you want to win more easily later.


Mobile Legends released many good heroes which of course you can use when competing later. Even for the 5 Best Battle Spell Hero Valentina Mobile Legends (ML), it can make you stronger. Because indeed with the Battle Spell, Valentina herself has great strength when competing later. It means that you are also ready with the help of this Spell. Of course it gives a much better chance, if you want to win more easily later.

Moreover, Valentina is indeed a strong hero, it just depends on you if you use it later. Because if you use the Hero, it will definitely help players to become a Mage with a lot of damage more easily.

Because you understand the Weaknesses and Weaknesses of Hero Valentina in Mobile Legends, you will definitely train much harder than before. Because this Hero has a very large total Damage, even enough to change the flow of the game for the better.


Very suitable if for example you want the Ultimate Copy of the Hero who needs this Spell, Stun will stop the opponent’s movement in an instant. Although the effect is short, Valentina can use the opportunity to defeat the enemy more easily.

Especially if you get a sudden attack from the enemy, if you are close, you can immediately Stun and skill 2. If you do this correctly, then escaping is also not a problem because we can Dash 2 times using the Skill.


It is a Spell that is enough to help you kill dying enemies, because this Spell attack deals enormous True Damage. Of course Valentina is suitable to use Spell Execute, because in a combo it can make opponents die so quickly.

Not to mention those of you who use Ultimate Skills and copy the enemy’s, surely you will be more dominant in dealing big damage. If the enemy wants to escape from Valentina, we just need to use the Spell.


This has become the default Spell from Hero Valentina, you can also use this when you are competing and it fits. Because Valentina herself doesn’t have long range attacks, if for example the enemy runs away it means it will be difficult to attack her even if she uses Skill 2.

So, Flameshot is really suitable, especially with the addition of your Build Mage on Valentina. Of course it will continue to deal additional damage in large numbers, if indeed you manage to quickly make your opponent become present.


If your opponent does often deal big damage, then Valentina is also suitable to use this spell called Aegis. Of course, with the use of Spell properly and correctly, the chance to get White HP or Shield is better.

But do remember to keep your distance from the enemy, because Aegis isn’t strong in some situations either.


If you find an opponent who is Full with Crowd Control, Valentina will be suitable if you use the Purify Spell. Because this hero is also very vulnerable to being kidnapped, so you have to stay safe by using spells like that.

Especially with the power of Spell Purify like this, it definitely provides a good opportunity for players when competing. Because Valentina will be immune from receiving CC for a few seconds, even when using her Ultimate.

After knowing the 5 Best Battle Spells of Hero Valentina in Mobile Legends (ML), then this will help players in competing with these heroes. Because of the superior ability of a Spell like this, it will show a very helpful strength for us to handle better. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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