5 Differences in PUBG Mobile’s Livik Map and Other Maps

What are the differences between the Livik map and other maps on PUBG Mobile? Check out the explanation here!


PUBG Mobile now has 5 maps that you can visit according to the gameplay you are using. The five maps are Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Livik. Livik itself is the newest map on PUBG Mobile.

The Livik map can be called the most special map in PUBG Mobile.


The Difference Between Livik and Other Maps in PUBG Mobile, What Are You?

Livik - PUBG Mobile

1. Number of Players

Livik - PUBG Mobile

Livik is the map with the smallest size. Before Livik’s arrival, Sanhok was the map with the smallest size. However, it turns out that Livik itself is 50% smaller than Sanhok.

If Sanhok is 4 × 4, Livik has a size of 2 × 2. Its small size makes the number of players with 100 players look like too much for the Livik map. Therefore, Livik is the only map with only 52 players.


2. Different Waterfall Tips

Livik - PUBG Mobile

The four maps in PUBG Mobile have tips, namely a distance of 750 meters from the plane and the location of the dropping point so that it arrives quickly and precisely.

But for Livik, because of its small size all players have to change the 750 meter tips to 450 meters because of the small distance and it doesn’t take much to land.


3. Boosting Jacuzzi Enhancer

Livik - PUBG Mobile

 Livik Map has a special location in which there is a Jacuzzi which can increase your boosting when soaking in it without having to consume Energy Drink or Painkiller. You can find this Jacuzzi around the Hot Spring location on the Livik map


4. Weapon XT

Livik - PUBG Mobile

The XT weapon is recognized to have better damage and stability compared to other weapons. You can find this special weapon in 5 Livik map locations. The five locations are Hot Spring, Reeds, Waterfall, Aqueduct, and Forstad.


5. No Flare Gun

Livik - PUBG Mobile

There is no clear certainty from Tencent why the Flare Gun is not provided on the Livik Map. However, the speculations of some players made more sense.

Many players have explained that it is possible that Tencent did not provide a Flare Gun for the Livik map because XT weapons were already available in 5 certain locations.


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