5 Easy Ways to Get MVP in Mobile Legends (ML)

Usually players who often get MVP are players who already know how to strengthen their heroes or are too good at playing with these heroes.


This time we will discuss the Easy Way to Get MVP Mobile Legends that you can use. When you finish the match in Mobile Legends, usually the status of the hero will be displayed. The status or assessment of the match has different results, some get Gold, Silver status and also some are Bronze. This depends on how we play in Mobile Legends, whether it is correct or not. Usually players who often get MVP are players who already know how to strengthen their heroes or are too good at playing with these heroes.

In addition to the 3 assessments, there is an even more interesting assessment, namely getting a title as MVP or a player who has managed to make a lot of contributions so that he gets a higher score than other players.

Lots of Kills

The first thing that is mandatory in order to get MVP is to kill in large numbers. For this, it can be said that it is easy and difficult, because you also have to be able to use the Hero later.

Not only that, you also have to know the skills and heroes used by the enemy so that later you can dodge easily. With this, you can have the opportunity to get MVP.

Collect a large amount of Gold

The next thing you need to do is to collect a large amount of Gold in the match. Gold that you can get when farming properly, for example killing monsters in the forest, killing minions or killing Lord and Turtle

Collecting large amounts of Gold can make you faster and can be the cause of you getting MVP later. Even so, you also have to be able to maintain the condition of the turret so as not to be destroyed by the enemy.

Frequently Killing Turtles or Lords

Maybe this is rarely known by many Mobile Legends players, if we often kill Turtles or Lords then we will be able to get a chance to become MVP. In addition, killing a Turtle can give a team a large amount of Gold and XP, besides that Turtle will give a Buff that adds damage to the killer.

Meanwhile, if you kill the Lord, then you will have a large Reinforcement to destroy the Turret. With this, will later help you in the assessment at the end of the game.

Get a lot of Assists for MVP Mobile Legends

In addition to getting a large number of kills, you can also get MVP by collecting the highest number of assists in your team. Usually, this often happens to Support Roles or Tanks, which are more Support than Barbarians.

If you get a lot of assists by helping a friend to kill an enemy, then you will also get an additional score at the end of the game.

Destroying the Turret

The last way to get MVP is to destroy or destroy the turret at most in the match. It is natural to want to win in a match by destroying the opponent’s turret.

But you also have to stay alert so that your turret is not stolen by the enemy later. With this, you will contribute a lot in dealing damage to the turret and increase your rating to become MVP.

By doing the things above, you can make your enemies run wild when faced with you. By collecting a lot of gold and buying good items. You can build quickly, especially if you are a core hero who must bring your team to victory.

Those are some ways to get MVP easily in Mobile Legends this time. How? How many MVPs have you got today? That’s all we can say now, Thank you. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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