5 Ganking Tips For Mobile Wild Rift, You Must Be Abble To Kill!

Surely you all already know right? One of the processes or methods of attacking or ambushing an opponent, the goal is to get a kill or create space.


Wild Rift ganking tips. Ganking is one of the most important things. You could say that with the right ranking, your opponent can be left far behind. In the same Wild Rift, ganking can be very useful to gain excellence in the game. Therefore, read on down so that later you understand.

Ganking, of course all of you already know, right? One of the processes or methods of attacking or ambushing an opponent, the goal is to get a kill or create space. It’s no different in Wild Rift, it’s all the same. It’s just that the method is a bit different from other mobile game.

What distinguishes it from other mobile game is of course the ward and champion itself. These two factors are very important for you to remember because they can make you succeed or fail when playing later. Of course, try to keep your ganking successful so that it continues to produce results.

Let’s discuss some Wild Rift ganking tips that might be useful for you, especially those who are still not used to playing this game. If you have played LoL, you will understand a little which is very useful here, but not with other mobile game because it is a bit different.


Use the correct champion

It’s the same as other moba that not all heroes or champions can gang up smoothly. There are several factors that you must pay attention to when you want to gang up. Usually what you look for in a gang is CC first, then burst damage. Therefore, usually assassins, mages, and tanks are the most suitable here.


Pay attention to your gank path

Depending on what lane you are ganging on and where the target is, there is a gank path that you should pay attention to. Path can be said to be your gang path, which one is the most suitable is relative and varies. Generally, you want to take unexpected paths and also paths that can surprise the enemy. Take advantage of the fog of war when you are in a gang.


Make sure there are no wards

Well this is no less important, namely ward. It’s useless for you to prepare a strong gank but your opponent finds out. Always make sure to gang if there is no ward. There are many things you can do, for example, counting the number of wardrobes installed by your opponent and also using an oracle lens to clean the ward that your opponent has installed.


Gank doesn’t need to kill

Now this is usually a misconception that ganks always have to kill. Actually not, because the most important ranking makes your team profitable. For example, if the gang fails but the enemy is dying, this is considered successful. You have withdrawn your opponent’s farm and also created space for the team later.


For some roles, there is something called gank tax

Now this is a bit strange and often makes team members fight, namely gank tax. This is difficult to explain in short, but you could say the tankers have the right to take gold tax from your lane. For example, when the jungler fails to gank but makes the enemy go home. It doesn’t matter if they take the last few hits as a ganking tax.


Those are some tips for ganking Wild Rift. Maybe it can be of help for those of you who are still confused about how to rank properly and how to do a good ranking. Of course, it must be effective later.

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