Age of Hero Mobile Legends You Must Know (ML)

This time, Esportku will discuss some of the ages of Mobile Legends heroes.


Age of mobile legends heroes, This question often arises among Mobile Legends players. In addition, curiosity about how old the hero in Mobile Legends is?. Because the developer Moonton itself provides interesting things about the story of each of these characters. This time, Esportku will discuss some of the ages of Mobile Legends heroes.

Actually Moonton is more focused on story insight in terms of character skin development than the age of the hero. Because this detail has no effect on the game in Land of Dawn.

1. Chou (Fighter)

Chou is a human fighter who sided with Dawn. This is reflected in the skin with the back story of a hero, namely, Thunderfist.

It is known, Chou is a young fighter who turned into a superhero from the human race at the age of 20 years.

2. Selena (Assassin / Mage)

Selena is a Dark Elf, a nation of dark elves who rely heavily on Dark Power and stay away from the Moon God’s belief. He was one of the Abyss warriors.

Selena is known to be young, because she was 19 years old when the war information started.

3. Bruno (Marksman)

Bruno has the only human race in Mobile Legends that has a ball attack tool. This hero is also a member of Dawn and has a lifespan of about 20 years.

4. Esmeralda (Tank / Mage)

This hero is a mainstay in war. In addition, Esmeralda’s strength is unquestionable and is now a Meta hero. This hero is one of the human races that has Mixed Damage. In addition, Esmeralda’s age is estimated to be around 21 years in Lore Abbys vs Dawn.

5. Lancelot (Assassin)

Human Assassins who use the Floret, namely a fencing sword as a weapon. A warrior Dawn from Castle George, west of the Moniyan Empire. In Lore Abbys vs Dawn, Lancelot is estimated to be around 22 years old.

6. Alpha (Fighter)

Alpha is a Humanoid created by the 1718 Laboratory. In addition, Alpha is an evil creation that has managed to control itself. Alpha is known to be 24 years old.

7. Vale (Mage)

Vale is a human who has Magic power within him. This hero is a close friend of Valir while studying in the Valley of The Wind, Fire Kingdom. He joined the Dawn squad and got a superhero skin named Blizzard Storm. It is known that Vale’s age is 25 years.

Want to know more about the story of the mobile legends hero and even the age of the mobile legends hero? keep an eye on my esports, friends. Have A Nice Day!. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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