5 Tips to Play Using Hero Julian Mobile Legends (ML)

It will help the battle very well. Make opponents who initially dared to come forward, apparently they will appear because your game is very skilled.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest updates that are very exciting and we can try. Even the presence of Tips to Play Using Hero Julian Mobile Legends (ML), will make it easier for you to play. So don’t be surprised if it will make it easy for you to win in the face of enemies. It will help the battle very well. Make opponents who initially dared to come forward, apparently they will appear because your game is very skilled.

Julian is a very strong Hero Fighter, even having fighting skills that are quite helpful in the team. The damage and attack abilities are so agile, it can make it less difficult for you to face the enemy.

Pay attention to the opponent’s pick

Despite being a strong enough hero, my Esports reminds me to look at the Pick of the opposing Hero first. If indeed your position can be obtained in Slot 3 or 5, then this Julian selection is suitable or not with that.

If you do a First Pick and then there’s a Hero Counter Julian, it’s definitely very natural. But if it’s clear that the opposing hero is hard to fight against Julian but still take it, then that too can make you lose.

Decide How To Play You

Must be able to determine how to play each, because the spells that we use must be very influential. So if you use Julian, try to be able to use the name of the Lane Fighter game or become a Hyper.

It’s up to you, but Esportsku has no problem using one of them in a match. Except also look at the composition of your team as well, so that later it will be easier and will not be too difficult to face the opponent.

Prioritize Skill 3 Upgrade To Attack

Then using this Julian Hero, you must be able to give Priority to Skill 3 Upgrade Enhancement first when you want to advance. Because if this skill has increased, it will definitely give an effect such as knock up and high damage.

So that the enemy who tries to survive will also not be able to at all, so that it will be easier to deal with the enemy. No wonder if the opener will use this attack, your attacks will feel right and comfortable, of course.

Always Spam Skill During War

Don’t be afraid to do Spam Skills while in war, because Julian’s cooldown is very short. So your own attacks will feel easy, even very quickly drain your opponent’s HP easily.

Because every Enhancement belongs to Julian, his attack will definitely increase the damage and the effect is so painful. When war is also certain they will receive this Impact, so Julian and the team will be in power to win.

Don’t Be Barbarian Before Opening 3 Skills

This applies to the Early game when using Julian, don’t be Barbarian before having 3 Skills. Because with the passive which increases the use of the 3rd active skill, then you have to keep your distance and don’t be provoked by the enemy.

But if your opponent’s position is like Freya, Hilda in one lane, of course, must be vigilant. Because indeed with Barbarians like this, it makes you feel difficult especially if you don’t have 3 Skills when the early game starts.

After knowing the Tips for Playing Using Hero Julian Mobile Legends (ML), you won’t be confused anymore with this. Just start playing and the enemy will immediately not dare to face Julian in the match. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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