5 Ways Counter Graves LOL Mobile Wild Rift

Playing against Graves is not easy. Sometimes you will have a hard time fighting him because Graves is very strong in kiting.


There are 5 ways to counter Graves Wild Rift that you should know about LoL mobile players. Graves is a pretty unique jungler. He is ADC marksman, but plays like a melee. Not only that, outside of jungling he is rather useless as he is not very good at laning. So let’s just say Graves is a fighter jungler with a higher range.

Playing against Graves is not easy. Sometimes you will have a hard time fighting him because Graves is very strong in kiting. Not only that, his armor was very thick if he was able to increase the stack quickly. Roughly speaking, if you are a melee physical hero without CC, good luck fighting him.

But take it easy because Graves has plenty of opportunities to take advantage of. You can fight him easily if you know how to counter it. It’s not difficult to fight Graves, as long as you don’t let him get snowball in the early game. If you let Graves be even more ferocious.

Read on for how to counter Graves Wild Rift if you have trouble fighting it. It’s not a difficult thing considering Graves is a champion with many flaws. Even very fatal and often on the hard counter if you know how. It is recommended that he be on the hard counter from the start if he doesn’t want to be a problem later.


Don’t let him cling

One of the biggest mistakes against Graves, many were not keeping their distance or fighting back. Don’t let him stick to you. Graves has higher damage if all the bullets hit you and he is also dangerous. Graves can continue to fight fearlessly thanks to his sustain.


Be careful at kite

The advantage of Graves is its spam-able dash. Graves’ Dash is also quite low on CD if he can attack you. This makes him a favorite kiter because against melee champions, Graves can keep his distance while attacking them without any hassle.


Very weak against AP damage

This is Graves’ biggest weakness. Even though Graves is very sustainable and also has very high armor, Graves is very weak against AP damage. You can use AP damage when you fight Graves easily. Moreover, many AP champions who have remote.


Usually it will immediately invade level 1

Usually in high ranks Graves will immediately invade at level 1, especially against non-early game junglers. Be careful with this and have your team wait for Graves in the bush. Not infrequently Graves will immediately attack your buff and steal it, or even do a contest easily.


Not mobile, easy to escape

Even though Graves has a dash, this makes him have to keep attacking to bring down his CD. Graves is strong enough to kite champion melee, but you can easily escape because Graves is difficult to chase your opponent. Himself when ganking too relies on other team members as CC.


Those are some of the ways to counter Graves Wild Rift that might help you when playing later. Fighting Graves is not easy, but at least he’s still fairly easy to count.

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