9 Active Skill Item For Echants LOL Mobile Wild Rift!

You can change the item boots in the wild rift to enchant the active item. By changing it, you will get additional stats and several items.


Here we will discuss the Echants Active Skill Items from LoL Mobile Wild Rift Boots. The items in playing wild rift are very important for you to know. Because, your stats will increase very high, if you use the right items. Apart from increasing damage or defense, some items also have passive skills that you can use. Therefore the use of the right item is very important.

You can change the item boots in the wild rift to enchant the active item. By changing it, you will get additional stats and several items have different active skills that you can use. Using the right items can help you attack your enemies, and some items can also increase your defense which can help you increase your defense.

The items in this wild rift are very unique. When you buy boots that increase movement speed, you can turn them into active ones. Some items have different active skills, so they can help you in a number of conditions. Suppose you use items that can make you immune to attacks, or items that can find enemies.


Active Skill Items From LoL Mobile Wild Rift Boots

The enchantment items from these boots will give you active skills. You can see what items are below:

  • Stasis Enchant
  • Locket Enchant
  • Glorious Enchant
  • Protobelt Enchant
  • Quicksilver Enchant
  • Gargoyle Enchant
  • Redeeming Enchantment
  • Shadows Enchant
  • Teleport Enchantment

This has been summarized by Esportsku so that you can read it more easily. This item has different active skills for you to use, but you can only use 1 of the 9 items.

Here we will provide tips about the Enchants Item from Boots in the Wild Rift, which you should know. By changing this item, you can get additional effects whether it’s active or passive skills.


Static echant

This item will give you active skills that will help you avoid enemy attacks. When you use the skill, you become inaccessible to attack but also unable to move for 2.5 seconds. With good use, you can easily avoid enemy attacks. The thing you have to remember is, the cooldown of this item is very long so you have to be able to use it well.


Locket enchant

This item has an active skill that will give you a shield. When you use the skill of this item, you and your friends around you get a shield of 140-420 damage for 2.5 seconds. If you gather to attack the enemy, this item will help you in protecting your team from enemy attacks.


Glorious enchant

This item has a skill that will increase your movement speed. When you use this item, you will get an additional movement speed of 15%. The effect will increase to 60% if you walk towards the enemy champion or tower. If you are about to approach the enemy or it has passed 4 seconds, you will give AOE with a cc effect, which is a slow rate of 50%. This item is perfect for an aggressive champion and uses this item to attack enemies or chase enemies.


Protobelt enchant

This item will provide a movement skill hook to attack the enemy. You will get skills that will make you dash where you are going, and fire missiles in front of you. This item will be very useful for attacking enemies, or running from enemies depending on the situation and conditions.


Quicksilver enchant

Items that can eliminate cc for you. By using this item, you can remove the buff that you receive. In addition, you will also get an additional movement speed of 50% for 1.5 seconds. If you often get cc like root or old stun, you can use this item to get rid of that cc.


Gargoyle enchant

This item will increase your blood and reduce your damage. The active skill of this item will increase your blood by 40%, but the damage you give will be reduced by 60%. If there are 3 or more enemy champions, this item will increase blood by 100%.


Redeeming enchantment

This item will give you a heal. When you activate this item, you will mark the area around you for 2.5 with vision. After the duration runs out, you will give heal to friends and damage to enemies. You can also use this item when you are respawn.


Shadows enchant

This item can search for enemies around you. When you use this item, you will summon 2 ghosts who will look for enemy champions around you. Enemies affected by this ghost will slow down by 40% for 5 seconds, and will be seen by champion friends including yourself.


Teleport enchantment

This item can help you to teleport. When you use this item, you can have a tower, minion or ward in the map. After that you will be teleported to that place. There is no far limit that you can reach, while there is a friend tower, minion or ward.


Those are tips regarding Enchants Items from Boots in Wild Rift, which you can try. By using this item, you can use active skills that help in many ways.

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