RRQ Open A Division In LOL Wild Rift, Is It Possible?

Wild Rift as a newcomer mobile moba still has many shortcomings. Especially as a game that is still in beta, it certainly still takes a lot of time.


Of course, everyone knows what RRQ is if they are active in the world of esports. Rex Regum Qeon, the team that originally won a big name in the Dota scene is starting to be very successful. Opening many divisions, RRQ is now focusing on mobile esports. If RRQ opens the Wild Rift division, will it be successful and big? Certainly with RRQ’s support this can happen.

Wild Rift as a newcomer mobile still has many shortcomings. Especially as a game that is still in beta, it certainly still takes a lot of time. But the enthusiasm of the players is quite big, even other regions that don’t have the opportunity to play can’t wait.

This is because it is backed by Riot and as the official LoL port, of course there is no doubt. From content to esports, you could say that high quality is guaranteed. Maybe it could be a consideration for RRQ to enter the Wild Rift.

On RRQ’s Instagram they have also started to actively post about Wild Rift. Starting from the facts to the mini guide. Maybe this is to celebrate the official release of Wild Rift later.

Here, let’s discuss whether RRQ opens a Wild Rift division. But all this returned to RRQ and management because opening a new division was not an easy thing. Given the many resources that must be spent and it is also not certain that the game will run successfully.

RRQ opens wild rift division

You can see in RRQ’s Instagram timeline, where several posts have been actively discussing Wild Rift. Starting from tutorials to facts. Of course, this is only natural considering that Wild Rift is very popular and is anticipated by many people.

From an esports perspective, Wild Rift is almost safe. Supported by Riot is no small thing. If you look at the LoL esports scene, of course you will realize how big and how successful LoL is out there.

LoL, who has just finished Worlds, is certainly proof that the Wild Rift will not play games later. Especially if many participating teams build the scene. Therefore, according to many people, investing in Wild Rift is the right step.

If you know, actually in Indonesia, which has been confirmed to launch into the Wild Rift, there are two teams, namely BOOM and Morph. BOOM is no doubt because they are a very large organization. Success in Dota and other games is certainly not a big problem for Wild Rift.

BOOM and Morph but different ways in forming a team. BOOM built their Wild Rift from scratch while Morph said he already had a definite team. For RRQ maybe this could be an additional reference.

RRQ, which has been successful in the moba scene since Ritter is still actively playing, will undoubtedly spend a lot of resources. Certainly opening a new division cannot be relaxed because there is a lot to think about.


But if RRQ opened the Wild Rift division and wanted to be brave and start from scratch, Wild Rift is the right game. Whether Wild Rift will use a Pro Circuit form like Dota, free like CSGO, or a league like LoL. But it looks like Wild Rift will follow regional leagues like LoL later.

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