8 Best Solo Rank Heroes in Season 16 Mobile Legends

This time the list of best solo rank heroes that you can use season 16 Mobile Legends. Can you guess?


Therefore you must use the best heroes who can be relied on in various situations. For example, one hero who can carve the entire game on Mobile Legends. And is a hero who can be the main key in the game.

AtlasTop Up Mobile Legends Gagal Terus ML, Ini Solusinya!

As a new hero, of course Atlas has a variety of advantages that you can use. This hero is very special and also very strong in competition. Atlas is the most perfect hero for those of you who are trying to play ranked solo.


Cecilion is a tough mage hero and very difficult to defeat. In every game if one team uses this one hero, then the team will excel in every game. Therefore Cecilion became a suitable hero for solo ranking.

LeomordCara Stabilkan Ping Mobile Legends

Leomord will likely triumph in the middle of the season at this time. Leomord becomes a strong and reliable fighter in every situation.

Leomord usually used as an offliner and is very tough. You can use Leomord to be the best hero during a Ranking Match.


Granger became the best marksman hero in this season. This hero is also often used in Hyper Carry. Granger becomes the perfect option for Solo Rank Mobile Legends.

BadangBermain ML Seperti Pro Player

Besides using Leomord. You can also have another option, Badang. Badang itself is a hero fighter who has the ability and high damage. Well before nerf. You better use it now.


Next is the best Tank hero in the current season. Khufra is a meta hero who is often played on Mobile Legends.

This one hero often escapes being banned and is quite often played. So that Khufra becomes a suitable option to use for solo rank.

LingBuild Item Ling ML Terbaik Tahun 2020 Mobile Legends

Is the best Assassin hero this season. Ling can you rely on when doing solo rank on Mobile Legends. This one hero is the best choice because she is very OP in Mobile Legends.

KarrieHero Counter Baxia ML Di Ranked Mobile Legends

Karrie is of course the best Marksman hero option at this time. This one marksman hero has the advantage of being fast and deadly.

Karrie is perfect for battling Tank heroes and very quick to defeat. Well for those of you who try solo rank. You can use this hero as a mainstay when playing.


Now that’s the best row of Solo Rank heroes in Mobile Legends that you can try in Season 16 this time.