Build Item for Franco Mobile Legends Roamer Season 16 Mobile Legends, Unlimited Hook!

The best Tank Franco Build hero in Mobile Legends that can do Hook at any time.


As we know, Mobile Legends has a variety of unique heroes, one of which is Franco. Well for those of you who want to play Franco we previously talked about the best item build Franco in the last season 15. Well, now we will discuss the Build Item Franco ML Roamer Season 16 Mobile Legends.

Franco is a hero role mobile legends tank similar to Pudge on Dota 2. This one Hero has a pirate character and can attract enemies within its range. To use Franco’s hero you can use the following build items.

Best Franco build on Mobile LegendsFranco ML Bebas Dari Bug Mobile Legends, Mainkan Sekarang!

Before using the following Build Franco. Find out some of the simplification such as Emblem and also Battle Spell that you can use for Franco.

Battle Spell & Emblem

Franco usually uses Battle Spell Flicker to add to his movements when doing Hook. This Battle Spell is mandatory to use in order to get a unique variation of combos.

As for the Emblem itself there are two emblems that he can use the first Custom Tank Emblem or Custom Support Emblem. But we’d rather recommend using the Custom Support Emblem because in addition to being strong, Franco also has a painful damage.

Magic Shoes

Well for the first item build you can use Magic Shoes. This Item is very useful for adding Cooldown and Movement Speed to Franco.

Shadow Mask

Shadow Mask is an item of support-Roamer can give you the same invisible (disappearing) active skill effect as Lesley. In addition, for the Hero Roamer skill is mandatory and added 700 HP, 10% Cooldownd Reduction and also 25 Movement Speed.

Athena Shield

In order for Franco to survive Daris every enemy mage hero attack, well you can use Athena Shield as your defence.

This Item can provide 900 HP, 62 Magical Defense and 20 HP Regen. But most importantly, you will get a unique skill to reduce your opponent’s damage by 6% and give your hero a shield.


Immortality is the most mandatory item you can use. The effect of itself can add 800 HP and 40 Physical Defense.

Passive Skill Immortality can give you a life back and get 15% HP with pop that can absorb 300-1000 damage according to the hero level. This effect will be active every 180 seconds.


Oracle is the most mandatory item for Franco. This Item can add 850 HP and also 42 Magical Defense and 10% CD Reduction. Oracle has a passive that can increase Pop Absortion and HP Regen to Franco.

Antique Cuirass

Well the last one you can use Antique cuirass. This item is perfect for counter hero MM. Having the attributes of the HP 920 and 54 Physical Defense Item can provide resilience from Marksman attacks in Late Game.

Well that’s the best Build Item for Franco in Mobile Legends. Happy play.

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