How to Play Mobile Legends, Beginners Become Pros in 2 Minutes (ML)

For those of you who are interested and want to know how to play Mobile Legend properly and correctly in order to become a pro player, it is appropriate to listen to reviews on how to play Mobile Legends in this article. Let's just take a look at how to play Mobile Legends properly and correctly below!


This time we will discuss how to play Mobile Legends, which you can practice, especially for ML beginners who want to be pro. For those of you who are interested and want to know how to play Mobile Legend properly and correctly in order to become a pro player, it is appropriate to listen to reviews on how to play Mobile Legends in this article. Let’s just take a look at how to play Mobile Legends properly and correctly below!

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games which is currently being played by many people. This game made by Moonton is indeed very cool to play in your spare time. Especially if played together with friends, of course it will be more exciting and fun again.

As we know, the Mobile Legends game has also succeeded in providing an achievement for Indonesia because the pro players from the EVOS Legends team won the World class tournament for the Mobile Legends game.

Pro Player is a player who has skills or abilities above the average of the other players. Being a Pro Player can certainly increase your popularity, but you need to remember that to become a pro player, you must know how to play Mobile Legends properly and correctly. You must master the map properly and correctly and are also required to master every skill that is on the hero in Mobile Legends.

How to Play Mobile Legends

To play Mobile Legends properly and correctly, of course, you must first know about the features that exist in this game. If you already know all the features that exist, then it will no longer be difficult to understand the Mobile Legends game. The first step that must be done to be able to play well and correctly is that you have to know all the information from the elements that exist in a gameplay.

The elements in Mobile Legends Gameplay include battle spells, emblems, build items, passive hero skills, and attack skills possessed by each hero in Mobile Legends.

Knowing the map and movement flow of the minion wave in Mobile Legends is also the key to being able to play well and correctly. When you have mastered the macro and micro skills in this game made by Moonton, you can be sure that your gameplay will be even better.

Mobile Legends Emblem Set Up Tips

Emblems in Mobile Legends have the use of increasing the status points of the heroes used in a gameplay. This is something you need to set before starting to play, both classic mode and ranked mode in the Mobile Legends game. For tips on setting up the Mobile Legends Emblem properly and correctly, you can see the tips below!

Use the Emblem according to the Hero’s Role

Using an emblem according to the hero’s role makes the emblem function even better because it fits. A simple example if you use a mage type hero then you have to use a mage emblem, using a fighter type hero you can use a fighter emblem as a priority, and so on for other heroes.

However, there is an exception, for example, when you use marksman, there is a marksman hero who relies on burst damage and does not require attack speed, so the assassin emblem can be used on this marksman hero. You need to remember that emblems are very influential in a game play, so use the appropriate emblem.

Upgrade Emblems to Maximum Level

The more emblems in the Mobile Legends game are upgraded, the higher the power and additional status given. For those of you who want your damage and hero status to be better, don’t be lazy to upgrade the Emblems that you use until they reach the maximum level.

When the level of the emblem is maximum, you will get additional high status points from the emblem and can use the talent that is open because you upgrade the Mobile Legends emblem. That way, the buff obtained from the emblem will be very strong and you can issue sick damage to your enemies. In addition, it is useful in every condition

Use the Appropriate Talent

Talent is also very influential in a gameplay. By using the appropriate talent it will make the gameplay performance of the hero you use very optimal. The basic use of talent is that it must match the hero’s function. A simple example like this if you use a fighter hero who relies on life steal then you can use talents that also have the ability to increase the effect of life steal.

If you use a hero that takes advantage of burst damage and requires a lot of gold, then you need to use talents that can increase damage and add gold when successfully eliminating opponents or providing assists. And if you use an extravagant support hero but want to keep it from leaking, then you can use talents that can increase mana regen. That’s the basic use of good and correct Talent.

Tips for Using Battle Spell Mobile Legends

You need to know that Battle Spell is also a very important element in a gameplay. The use of a suitable and appropriate battle spell will be able to help you in a gameplay.

A simple example like this, if you use a hero who has a low movement speed, of course it will be difficult not to run away if you are hit by ganking. Then the Battle spell that is perfect for him is Flicker or battle spell that can increase his Movement speed like a sprint.

If you use a tank hero who has the ability to regen HP specialists like Hylos, the most suitable spell for him is Revitalize. Battle Spell Retribution is intended for heroes who need to farm quickly, because using retribution will speed up farming.

There are so many emblems in this Mobile Legends game and each has its uses. Therefore, you must be smart in using the battle spells in the Mobile Legends game so that your game play performance can be maximized.

Don’t forget to also increase your account level because the higher the level of your Mobile Legends account, the more battle spells you can open and use in gameplay. Always remember to use battle spells according to situations and conditions that may occur in a gameplay. Don’t make the wrong use of battle spells, too!

Earl Game, Mid Game, and Late Game Mobile Legends

Mobile Legend’s gameplay is divided into three times, namely Early Game, Mid Game, and Late Game. The way to play is also different, therefore on this occasion we will also provide tips on playing in Mobile Legends Gameplay properly and correctly, let’s just take a look at the reviews below properly and correctly!

Early Game

Early game is the time when Mobile Legends gameplay begins. In the early game, it is very suitable and very appropriate to focus on clearing every existing wave minion and focus on increasing your level first. Do not be too hasty to do war because it is very risky. But if you have a party or squad, then rushing and putting pressure on the enemy is very good to do.

During the Early Game, enemy heroes will definitely prioritize taking buffs first, this is when you can destroy enemy buffs. Taking the enemy’s core hero buff is certainly very influential in a gameplay because it can make damage from enemy hero cores less painful in the early game. Another advantage is that it can make your team’s networth superior compared to the enemy team.

You also need to remember that in rushing the enemy’s buff, it must be taken into account in order to succeed. Because if you fail to do so, your own team will lose a lot in terms of time, gold, and also the exp they get. Especially if when you rush the enemy’s buff, your teammate’s hero dies and the buff is successfully secured by the enemy.

The core gameplay of the Early Game is the focus on farming and leveling for core heroes to quickly reach level four. After your team’s core hero reaches level four, you can immediately rotate and gank. You also need to remember before doing the rotation, make sure the wave minions in your lane are clean so that the tower is safe and the enemy cannot do split push. By doing rotation and ganking it will also be very beneficial for your team if the rotation and ganking is successful in killing the opposing team’s core hero.

Mid Game

Rotation and Ganking will continue until the Mid game. After entering the Mid Game time, the gameplay priorities are still slightly the same as in the Early game, namely focusing on clearing wave minions in a lane so that the tower is safe and the enemy cannot push your team’s turret, do farming quickly so you can get a lot of gold. and exp for building items, and must always do rotation and ganking because war usually will often occur in the mid game.

When the war is in progress, make sure your team’s core heroes get good cover and follow-up so they can focus on dealing damage to the opposing team. Try not to often lose in wars that occur during the Mid Game because this is what will determine your team’s victory or defeat in the Late Game.

The trick to winning the war in the Mid Game is that you have to divide the tasks to your teammates to guard the tower and prioritize targeting the opposing team’s core hero first. When the opposing team’s hero core dies a lot by your team, automatically in terms of networth, your team will excel and the damage to the opposing team’s hero core will not hurt too much because they are often killed.

That is the determining factor for your team’s victory during the late game. By mastering the tempo of the gameplay in the Mid Game, of course, your team will get a lot of advantages both in terms of networth and in terms of mastery of the map. Make sure your team plays neatly and well in the Mid Game!

Late Game

Late Game is a time where the results of your gameplay matches are determined, whether to win or lose. The thing you have to pay attention to when you enter the gameplay is to maintain the position of each of your teammates’ heroes so that they are not too offsie and can start the war properly and correctly.

The position of the offside hero while in the late game is very fatal as a result because it can cause the offside hero to be ganked and the team can also experience blunders. The blunder that is meant is that your team will move forward because they are provoked to save the ganked hero. It is clear that in terms of strength, losing is still forcing you to move forward. That’s what can cause failure in the Mobile Legends game.

So that’s an important factor that you should pay attention to. Don’t be too greedy when playing in the Late Game because it can harm your team. Play it safe, neat and relaxed and do war with a good formation setup. This way, it will be easy for you to win.

Things to Pay Attention to When Playing Mobile Legends

In a Mobile Legends gameplay, there are several things that need to be considered. Paying attention to this can certainly make your team win easily. You have to know what things to pay attention to in Mobile Legends gameplay in order to play well and correctly. What are the things that must be considered in Mobile Legends gameplay? Let’s just take a look below!

Hero Selection during Draft Pick

In order for the gameplay to be very light and easy, you have to use a good composition of heroes when drafting. Try to be in a team consisting of tank, fighter, marksman, and Assassin roles. By using a composition of heroes like that, it will make your team’s gameplay conditions conducive because each role needed is complete and can carry out their respective duties. Make sure to use a hero to fill all the needed hero roles, okay!

Farming Efficiently

Farming with efficiency is one of the factors that can determine victory in a game. Your team’s hero core must farm efficiently so that the gameplay becomes easy to win. Efficient farming here means prioritizing clear wave minions first. After that just do jungling into the forest to kill jungle monsters. You are also not allowed to continue farming when there is a war going on because it can make your team lose. Mistakes like that are often made by players in this Mobile Legends game!

Prioritize Playing Objectives

Playing objectively is also one of the factors that make your team win easily. Try in a gameplay to play objectively by doing a push turret to win the lane. In addition, you can use turtles to increase your team’s exp and networth, and use lords to apply pressure when pushing the opponent’s core turret. By playing objectively, there are many advantages for your team, so play objectively well and correctly!

Good Teamwork

Good teamwork is certainly very influential in a gameplay. When your teammates understand how to play and understand how good teamwork is, the gameplay will feel easier and more conducive. As a good player in Mobile Legends, you shouldn’t be too selfish, lower your ego and start building a key mystery with your teammates so that good teamwork can be formed.

Don’t be toxic

Toxic becomes the biggest problem in a gameplay because with Toxic makes gameplay conditions not conducive. If you are Toxic because there are your teammates who are not very good at playing in your opinion. Then the teammates that you are talking about will most likely be upset and end up AFKing or trolling. Of course that’s what destroys the conditions of a gameplay, therefore you shouldn’t be toxic so that the gameplay conditions remain conducive until the end.

Understand how to play Mobile Legends correctly so that later it can be smoother when playing later. By playing smoother, it can be more effective to reach a high rank in Mobile Legends.

Now that’s how to play Mobile Legends properly and correctly that you need to pay close attention to. Master macro and micro skills in the Mobile Legends game so that the abilities or skills you have are growing well. Hopefully the explanation we have given above can help you to find out how to play Mobile Legends properly! Hopefully useful and can be a good reference source, thank you so much. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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