2 Google Play Balance Generator App to Top Up Diamond FF and ML!


Nowadays, applications are not only useful to facilitate various jobs. Many applications can be used to add financial sources, pretty good for you who wants to get extra income. Not onlu pulse and PayPal, you can get various forms of gift card from various apps, including Google Play balance. It’s really cool! But you need to be careful with some apps that promoses google Play balance which asks you to do few things, but doesn’t give any rewards nor replies.

There are several trusted applications that you can use to get bakances and various financial sources. You can download it for free through Google Play Store. This means that the apps meets the functionality and security standards set by Google. So, it can be certain that those apps are safe for you to use. Let’s see the apps that can produce the fastest and most trusted Google Play balance!



The first app you can use to boost your Google Play balance quickly is AppNana. AppNana will give points to users after carrying out a number of instructions as they request. You will get points, collect these points and you can exchange them for Google Play vouchers in return after the number of points you have collected is enough. The instructions that you do are also quite simple. ]you will get points after installing certain applications or watching videos. Following are the steps that must be done:

  •         Download and install the AppNana application on your mobile
  •         Open the AppNana application that you have installed, then register if you have never used this applicatio.
  •         Go to the Get Nanas menu to see options for how to get available points
  •         Choose a suitable task for you and choose another task to achieve the points required to be exchanged for prizes
  •         Enter the rewards menu if enough points are collected, then select the Google Play voucher as a gift


AppKarma is also an application for generating Google Play balance that is well-known. You can also exchange with other forms, such as iTunes vouchers, Amazon, and even PlayStation Store. This application can be another interesting alternative if you don’t feel like playing pulse-producing app and want to get applications with various prizes. Here are the steps to use this app:

  •         Download and install the AppKarma application on your mobile phone
  •         Open the AppKarma application, then register first
  •         Look at the selection of available tasks, then choose the most interesting task you want to do to get points
  •         Enter the rewards menu if You have collected enough points to be exchanged for prizes, you can choose Google Play vouchers to redeem points
  •         Claim prizes that you have received by redeeming
  •         Done!

Now, that’s the applications that you can use to generate Google Play balance for free, guys! It’s easy and it’s not like a rocket science. Why would spending money to pay Google Play balance if you can get it for free, right? Hope this article can be a help for you!