Wow, 1 Million Dollars for the First Dota Auto-Chess Tournament!

Drodo Studio in organizing this tournament took Dragonest Network and ImbaTV


Drodo Studio as Auto-Chess creator which is a mod for Dota and as the first to introduce to the game lovers with the autobattler genre. The development of this game is very high with almost 9 million players in just a few months. This time, they announced that they were holding the first Dota Auto-Chess tournament.


This month, Valve and its rival Riot released a game with the auto chess genre with their version. The Valve version can also be download at Playstore and App store. Look at the competition, the PC version of Auto Chess has been developed by EPICSTORE and released June 21. Drodo Studio as developer of Dota Auto Chess made a breakthrough with holding the first tournament of Auto Chess.


Drodo studio, Dragonest Network, and ImbaTV will bring you the Auto Chess Million Dollars Invitational. If you are a pro and eager to show your talent on the world-class stage, get ready!

See you in Shanghai in October!

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— Auto Chess (@AutoChess2019) 21 Juni 2019


Drodo Studio in organizing this tournament took Dragonest Network and ImbaTV. At this time there may not be a clear date. However, the information obtained that this tournament will be held in October 2019 and is located in one of the venues in Shanghai. In the announcement Drodo Studio has not confirmed whether they will be using the PC or Mobile version.

For your information, this first tournament of Dota Auto Chess is in form of invitation, every player around the world can participate by participating in regional qualifiers which most likely be held at the beginning of August.


Not yet certain how many slots will be for the players or details about the players invited to the main event. If there are further announcements we will post them immediately!


Lately, Auto Chess games have been so popular. Game developers like Valve launch their own version that we know as Dota Underlords.


Meanwhile at Riot Games, they made their own Auto Chess version which became a new game mode in League of Legends. Adopted several of their Champions and their popularity became the first trending on Twitch streaming service called Teamfight Tactics.