Free Fire Tips on Trolling While Killing Your Enemy with a Grenade!

This tiny little item is deadlier that most of the big guys around. It can even kill multiple enemies around


As we know it, Garena will always present you new updates and events. More updates and events, and the game will be even better. All of the updates and events is surely presented for the players for them to gain new features in the game. One of the feature in the game that players liked the most is the characters. The weapons in Free Fire is also vary. And you can check out the best SMG in Free Fire that you can use. There’s also a launchpad in Free Fire, where it can take you far enough to a certain point that you wanna go to. In the game, there are many items that you can loot. You can check out the best item that you can loot in Free Fire here.

The grenade is one tiny item, but it’s much deadlier than most of the bigger things around. It can even kill multiple enemies around as it explodes. Here we’ll tell you how to mess around with this thing in Free Fire.

1. Inside a House

The good way to throw a grenade into a house is by throwing it through a window. If the enemy is hiding, you can throw it inside through a window, while also bounce the grenade through a wall so your enemy will have nowhere to hide.

2. While Your Enemy Gathers

The damage given by the grenade is widespread. It can also eliminate a whole squad if you have the chance. You can do it by finding an enemy squad that were gathered in one place. If you see one, throw a grenade and they’ll panic like a chicken!

3. Behind a Tree

When you spot an enemy hiding behind a tree, one way to expose them is to throw a grenade towards the tree. without having to approach your enemy, they will expose themselves as you throw a grenade behind the tree. Or even better, you can kill your enemy with it!

4. Behind a Gloo Wall

If there’s an enemy hiding behind a gloo wall, the grenade will be very useful. Moreover if the gloo wall is in an open space. If you throw one, the enemy will surely be dead since he got nowhere to run.

5. Destroying a Vehicle

If you spot an enemy’s vehicle stopping, try to destroy it with the grenade. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll also kill anyone nearby or inside the vehicle.

6. Destroying a Gloo Wall

The Grenade can also destroy a gloo wall in a single attempt. Once it’s destroyed, you can kill anyone hiding behind it.

7. Thin Wall

When you throw a grenade towards a seemingly thin wall, it will give damage to anyone hiding behind it. So it will surely hurt your enemy when you throw one!

8. Towards a Watchtower

There’s a watchtower that players can use in Free Fire. When you spot an enemy hiding in one, throw a grenade towards your enemy for an instant kill. Remember to throw it properly so it doesn’t bounce back.

9. To Your Friend

When you’re pissed with your teammate performance, or you find some random player in your team, you can troll your teammate by throwing a grenade towards them.

10. Don’t Hold It Too Long

If you’re holding the grenade too long after releasing the pin, it will explode in your hand and instantly killing yourself. Try to cancel the pin release if you’re being doubtful.