item Build Garen Mid Lane LOL Wild Rift

Garen is a champion fighter with high damage and durability skills and this item build Garen mid lane lol mobile wild rift.


Many champions have high burst skills to attack enemies, and some have high durability to hold off enemies. By using this Champion’s skills, you can more easily attack or defend against enemy attacks. Here we will discuss about the champions in the wild rift.

Garen is a champion Fighter with high damage and durability skills. With this skill, he turns out to be a strong mid laner too. Of course, how to play this champion will be different, so you must be able to play and use good build items. That way, you can take over the lane easily.

As said before, the build item Garen uses in the mid lane is very different from how he uses it to play on the baron, but the runes used are almost the same. If on the baron lane he uses items that provide high bursts, you can use items that can give him survivability. That way, you can roam and stay on the lane for a long time.

Item Build

  1. Trinity Force
  2. Mercury’s Thread
  3. Maw of Malmortius
  4. Death’s Dance
  5. Spirit Visage
  6. Guardian Angel
  7. Teleport Enchantment

Here we will provide tips about Garen Mid Lane Item Build in Wild Rift, which you can try. By using this build item, maybe you can play in the mid using the garment more easily. Each item has its own function that you should know.


Item Build

The build items used by Garen usually use attack damage items and several defense items. This will make it harder to withstand enemy attacks. His high attack damage and strong defense make him a strong all around champion. Here you can see the build items below:


Trinity Force

This one item will increase attack speed and damage for garment. So you can attack the enemy faster, and with high damage. This item will also give you a cd reduction so you can use your edngan skills faster.

In using garen, you must often use skills to attack enemies. When you use a skill, your attack will increase from this item. So, you can attack enemies with higher damage.


Mercury’s Thread

This one shoe will strengthen the garment against magic attacks and excessive CC. When you are hit by cc like slow, stuns, and so on. The duration of the cc will be reduced. So, you can get off CC faster. This item will later be converted into another item.


Maw of Malmortius

This one item will provide attack damage and magic resistance for garment. when you play in mid, you will usually fight a mage or champion with magical damage. By using this item, you can withstand enemy attacks in maintaining mid.

Not only that, if there is magic damage that makes your blood below 35%. You will get shield magic damage to withstand the next magic damage attack. You will also get additional physical Vamp to draw enemy blood.


Death’s Dance

This item will give you additional health and attack damage to attack the enemy. Not only that, he also gets additional cooldown reduction to use skills and physical vamp for. So, you can be more durable in resisting enemy attacks when playing.


Spirit Visage

Items that will make the garment even thicker to withstand enemy attacks. He gets max health, regen, magic resist and even cooldown reduction. One item that will make it strong in resisting enemy attacks, especially magic attacks.

Not only that, this item will also increase the health regen garment. So, you can get more heal from this item. Not only heal from friends, but also from the skills you have too.


Guardian Angel

Items that will awaken the garment again, when you have lost against the enemy. By using this item, you can instinctively come back to life on the spot, with a time of 4 seconds. Of course, the blood recovered was only 50% and the mana recovered was only 30%. This item has a long cooldown, so you have to be careful when using this item.


Teleport Enchantment

You can change the item that was enchanted from the previous shoe into this item. With this item, you can move lanes faster. You can also point it at the creep or ward on the map.


Those are tips about Garen Mid Lane Item Build in Wild Rift Item Build Garen Mid Lane in Wild Rift, which you can try. By using this item, you can become a mid laner as a garment. If there are indeed items that you think are not suitable, you can replace them with other items.


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