Build Item & Runes Nasus Wild Rift, One Hit KO!

Nasus is indeed very weak in the early game because his damage is mediocre, especially CC which cannot be relied on so much.


If you hear the word scaling, surely ADC will come to your mind immediately, but it’s different from this one champion. Nasus is a terrible solo laner in the late game thanks to his high damage. With the right runes and Nasus Wild Rift items, OHKO directly fight in late game!

Nasus was indeed very weak in the early game because his damage was mediocre, especially CC which couldn’t be relied on so much. But in the late game Nasus will be very terrible thanks to the high damage from his 1st skill. Just farming and killing, you can snowball from there.

You just need to use the combination that is here to increase the effectiveness of Nasus. His high damage which can even be spammed like an auto attack will be terrible. Here is the build based on my playing experience:



  • Grasp of the Undying
  • Brutal
  • Hunter Titan
  • Mastermind

Item Build

  • Trinity Force
  • Mercury’s Treads
  • Sterak’s Gage
  • Spirit Visage
  • Death’s Dance
  • Guardian Angel
  • Teleport Enchantment

Use the build provided by Esportsku so that your Nasus will be even more terrifying in the late game. High sustain thanks to the ASPD debuff, sustain buff, and high lifsteal also has unreasonable damage in the late game making Nasus the favorite of many people.

Here, let’s discuss the runes and Nasus Wild Rift items that you can use consistently. Nasus is a terrible champion if given the chance to snowball from the start. Moreover, his terrible scaling cannot be controlled.



For rune problems, Nasus could replace them quite freely. He is very flexible and doesn’t really depend on runes. But the ones chosen below will increase his laning ability. Especially if you want to be consistent, congratulations in the early game.


Grasp of the Undying

Grasp would be quite useful for Nasus to use, and even had to carry it with him. The very interesting effect of Grasp is that the lifesteal will make the Nasus thicker. Moreover, this heal effect stacks with Nasus’s passive which gives him a lifesteal bonus. Nasal tremors can provide a high lifesteal.



Brutal will be the rune that will accompany Nasus during the match. With AD and penetration, Nasus’s damage will go high. Especially in the late game, thanks to armor penetration which uses the% multiplier, it will be even higher. Difficult to change to other runes.


Hunter Titan

Nasus even though it has high damage, it requires sustain. With Titan, the aggressive Nasus would be even more terrifying. Especially if you actively kill and win lane, Nasus can get quite high HP and tenacity. Can be changed to Weakness if it takes high damage.


Mastermind is a very powerful rune on Nasus. His high damage can make it easier to win thanks to the bonus damage to the objective. Turret, Baron, and Dragon were no longer a problem for Nasus. Use this when soloing or switch to Hunter Genius for high CDR.


Item Build

Nasus build item will not be far from the focus of his damage. Nasus will use semi sustain damage items which are suitable for him. Quite a lot that can be replaced because the core item is only 3 items. Nasus is a flexible champion so watch your game.


Trinity Force

Surely Trinity Force will be a must for Nasus. With this item, the damage from skill 1 will increase very much. The high scaling and bonus damage from this item can kill your opponent very easily.


Mercury’s Treads

Nasus shoes are very free to choose. Can use Mercury, Ninja, or Ionian. It just depends on the needs because he must be flexible. Generally Mercury is used for anti magic and CC. Next is Ionian for high CDR and Ninja Tabi when fighting a lot of AD.


Streak’s Gage

This is your powerspike item. With Sterak, Nasus’s damage will jump very high thanks to the Heavy Handed effect. Not only that, Nasus will also be very sustainable thanks to HP and Lifeline which can issue a shield when he is dying. Cannot be changed to other items.


Spirit Visage

Spirit Visage can be your very profitable item. By using this item, your lifesteal will feel even better. Especially Nasus who often spam skills 1. Anti magic and CDR are also not so bad. Can be replaced if you really need another defense.


Death’s Dance

Death’s Dance was a suitable item for Nasus as well. This item will make it very difficult to kill thanks to its sustain and Cauterize stats. Not only that, the lifesteal effect is also a stack which can keep Nasus active in the fight. Can be changed to defense items if necessary.


Guardian Angel

For the last item Nasus is actually quite free. Himself can have any item as long as it can help him in the fight. Guardian Angel can be your placeholder and late game item. Especially the revive effect which is very important for Nasus and also a good stat balance.


Teleport Enchantment

Teleport Enchanter is a must-buy for your shoes. Buy it after your first item is finished because Nasus must have a very strong lane presence. With the teleport, Nasus can continue on the lane or join the fight on another lane easily. cannot be changed to another enchant.


Those are the runes and Nasus Wild Rift items that might be of great help to you. Nasus was a very strong champion thanks to his scaling. Moreover, his very high damage can make the opponent die quickly.


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