Leaked Skin Special Joy Mobile Legends (ML)

This time, there is a Special Joy Mobile Legends (ML) skin leak. Check out the following in the explanatory article.


Mobile Legends  has released several of the latest updates which are full of many things that players can find right now. This time, there is a Special Joy Mobile Legends (ML) skin leak. So that you can find out this time.

This time there is an explanation regarding the latest leak for Skin Special Joy. Of course, we will discuss this this time in the article for a more detailed explanation, see the following in the article.

Leaked Skin Special Joy Mobile Legends (ML)

In the  Mobile Legends game, of  course, there are various kinds of heroes and skins, of course. there have been lots of the latest updates regarding some of the skins that will come later. Like this time there is a survey for skin from Joy.

As seen this time Joy got her newest Survey skin where the first one has the Fairy Tale Travel Theme and the second one has Play Cat. The appearance of the two skins fits perfectly with the cute and adorable hero Joy.

We also know that the hero Joy has just arrived in the Mobile Legends game for release in November 2022, however, this hero has received a skin survey after that.

That’s an explanation about the leak for the special skin from Joy this time. What do you think about the leaked Special skin from Joy this time, the hero has only been released for a few days?


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