Skin Blazing Beaston Free Fire (FF) in a Pet Box

It turns out that this is the Blazing FF Skin in the Pet Beaston Free Fire Box, so those who miss the event can buy it from the existing FF blazing box.


Don’t miss the Blazing FF Skin in the Pet Beaston Free Fire Box, this will be a pretty good piece of information. Because later you don’t have the chance to get this skin, you can have it from this latest opportunity.

Not only that, it turns out that what we know right now are also new things for us to try. Don’t forget all that, because those who will attend are sure to be quite useful in the future.

Because what we know right now, Skin Glacier Beaston Free Fire is here for you to get. Don’t miss the latest events that are currently available, because give a variety of prizes that are quite profitable.


Skin Blazing FF in the Pet Beaston Free Fire Box

In the current update for the new Skin Blazing FF item, we can see that later the Pet Beaston Free Fire will enter a Box. Even though it is currently on the Indonesian server, the Skin will be available in the next update.

That way our advantage in playing this, it will be better and should not be missed. Because Skin Blazing FF Beaston Free Fire will be here, in that box that is already in this game shop too.


The price of the Box is only 25 Diamonds, so our chance to get the Skin is indeed quite large. For those of you who didn’t have the chance to get this Skin in the event, you can try your luck right away in that box.

Not only that, we also certainly know the Emote Pet Beaston Free Fire. Where in the past it was present in a new Winterland Event, now the Emote is also present in the Box for us to get too.


So make sure to find out immediately and don’t miss this skin later. Buy the Box at the Free Fire game shop when it arrives, so that way we have a bigger chance of getting this cool skin.

The presence of this Box will make players who want to set Beaston even easier because you only buy it using Diamond so you can get prizes there randomly. Let’s just wait for the presence of this Box on the original server.


So while waiting for the Box to come, you can find out about the Free Fire Free Top Up Tips now. So that later on, you can get the Box with the diamonds that are used from these free tips too.