Phylax Mobile Legends Skill Explanation (ML)

Well, for those of you who might be curious about the skills, we will look at them together here. The skills that we will explain here are also very complex and information-packed so that later you won't be confused.


Phylax will be the newest hero to come in Mobile Legends. This hero is a bit unique because he has a tank marksman role which is the first in Mobile Legends. Of course you have to know the explanation of the Phylax Mobile Legends (ML) skill. Well, for those of you who might be curious about the skills, we will look at them together here. The skills that we will explain here are also very complex and information-packed so that later you won’t be confused.

This hero is also interesting because he can have two modes which you have to take advantage of. Roughly speaking, in the hands of the right players, Phylax can be a hero who messes with enemies in front or deals damage from behind.

This hero does have two modes which means it has two skills. But apparently from playing it on the advanced server, it’s not that complicated. Even his skills are easy to understand if you’ve played a few games.

Phylax is an interesting hero because basically he is a hero with a standard skillset with two basic skills and one ulti. But when the ulti is active, he will change the first and second skills which make it a total of 5 skills.

Now, we will discuss gradually starting from tank mode and marksman mode. At first you will play tank mode and when the ulti is used he will become a marksman mode that hurts the damage. Understand the explanation of the Phylax Mobile Legends skill explanation.

Pasif – Overload

His passive skill is called Overload and both as a tank and marksman mode, this passive does not change its effect. The passive effect is very simple because you can think of this skill as a skill with Endless Battle, Thunder Belt, or Calamity Reaper effects.

Every time you use a skill, the passive will turn on. This Passive Overload has a duration of 3 seconds and when you attack the enemy it will make your attack grab the enemy up to 3 targets, similar to Kaja and Eudora’s skills.

Skill 1 – Earth Shatter (Mode Tank)

His first skill is called Earth Shatter. This skill is quite simple because Phylax will jump and give physical damage that scales with HP towards the enemy in front of him. Enemies affected by the skill will bounce and be affected by the airborne effect. This effect is similar to Vale or Guinevere.

This skill is an important skill of his because it can be useful as CC and poke thanks to the relatively advantageous area. Especially in the laning phase because you can make the enemy difficult when you are hit constantly. From the explanation of this Phylax Mobile Legends skill, Phylax’s S1 is a strong poke and harass tool.\

Skill 2 – Onward (Tank Mode)

His 2nd skill is a dash skill that can be useful for chasing or escaping from opponents. This skill also has physical type damage and HP scaling like tanks in general. However, when this skill hits the enemy, Phylax will stop and pry them back which is strong in team fights and gangs.

This skill is very important to use with the conjunction of skill one. The combo is that you target the enemy you want to kill, use skill 2 and pry back and then hit with skill 1. This skill has bonus damage for those who are pryed.

Ultimate – Phylax Wrath (Turns into Marksman)

For the ultimate, of course, this will be the most important skill for Phylax. His ultimate skill will make Phylax a terrible marksman hero. But keep in mind that he needs energy that can be obtained from tank mode and takes damage. Understand the explanation of his Phylax Mobile Legends ultimate skill because it is important.

When you become a marksman, this hero’s attack changes. Phylax will fly and can attack while moving with additional physical and magical scaling damage bonuses. In addition, he gets additional ASPD depending on the energy used, but his physical and magical defense decreases.

Skill 1 – Divine Retribution (Marksman Mode)

Now when the ulti is active and becomes a marksman then skills 1 and 2 change. For skill 1, he will put AOE damage that will scale with magic damage. This skill effect is dangerous because it has high damage output. From the explanation of this Phylax Mobile Legends skill, S1 marksman is his poke tool that can be spammed.

This skill also forces the enemy to move from the area, perfect when teamfight or just opening the bush. High scaling also plays a big role as a damage dealer considering that he is quite dangerous if left unchecked.

Skill 2 – Lightning Bolt (Marksman Mode)

For Phylax’s skill 2 when he becomes a marksman, the effect is relatively simple. He will cast his skills and will give CC which makes them immobile for 1 second which is useful when fighting.

This skill is especially useful in the early game as a poke because of its high raw damage. In the late game he is also very strong because he can deal high damage thanks to his high scaling and can also have relatively high impact.

So roughly using Phylax is relatively easy. He started as a tank hero who would be on the front line to absorb damage and do poke. This is important for gathering energy.

When the energy is full, you use ulti and retreat. This is where your task turns into a marksman damage dealer. Because it can attack while moving, Phylax can be a very strong kiter.

Now that’s a very complete explanation of the Phylax Mobile Legends skill for those of you who want to know. But remember, the scaling and damage can change at any time for each update. But basically it should be easy. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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