Here 5 Interesting Facts About Albedo in Genshin Impact

In this article, the author wants to focus on interesting facts about Albedo in Genshin Impact that are interesting to know


The vast world in Genshin Impact has a lot of mysteries that make us curious about it. It is not only a matter of the history of the location of a particular place or how the system of Teyvat’s world works, but also of the people who live in it.

Since appearing in version 1.2, Albedo has stolen great attention from players thanks to her monologue towards Traveler. Moreover, his character that tends to be mysterious since the beginning of the meeting (and Sister Rosalia, who is not tired of warning) raises a big question mark, who exactly is Albedo?


Here are 5 interesting facts about albedo in Genshin Impact

Albedo was first discovered while doing a study at Dragonspine, Genshin Impact. There he started experimenting on Traveler. He is a famous alchemist, Sucrose’s mentor, a friend of Mona, and a popular illustrator. Albedo is not as shy as Sucrose but tends to find little interest in other people.

Despite her many talents, Albedo has bizarre past stories that suggest she may not be completely human. In the game, Albedo is a five-star Geo elemental vision user (B5) designed to play a support role. Besides that, some interesting facts can found from Albedo?


She is a painter & illustrator

Albedo is a well-known artist and has even helped create illustrations for books Xingqiu wrote. While many wanted to use him as an illustrator, he seemed to only want to work on books that were personally interesting to him.

Albedo was not interested in getting more morale, so there was no chance for Inazuma’s publisher to try and lure her.


Albedo’s alchemy skill comes from Khaenri’ah

The ability alchemy Albedo not widely known by seven countries and only really practiced in country of Khaenri’ah, Kaeya came from. possible Albedo born, or many fans believe, created in Khaenri’ah where her master took her.

The alchemy he uses has control over life itself to some degree, which surprises many Teyvat citizens.


He Is An Adopted Son

Albedo’s birth shrouded in mystery, but one thing revealed is her master, Rhine, looking after her. Unfortunately, one day the figure of Rhine suddenly disappeared, leaving a note telling him to move to Mondstadt.

She was the only family he had, and his departure bothers him deeply to this day.

Albedo herself did not seem like she was looking for him, only accepting that she had disappeared. Moreover, he currently has a new family with Alice as his mother and Klee as his younger sibling.

This raises a new fact where Albedo is a loving brother. He even wanted to clean up all the mess that Klee had made. According him, it nothing compared to mess Alice had done


He Doesn’t Like Restaurants

Albedo is not actually a person who likes going to restaurants and prefers to avoid them altogether. She mostly prepares her meals at home, where she has better control over the portions. He also doesn’t like to eat large portions of meat because he feels like he can’t finish it and doesn’t like to be extravagant.

Albedo seemed to have a slight appetite, but at least she knew how not to be extravagant. It seemed that the Alchemists understood the principle of restraint well, just like Sucrose. It’s just that, it applies outside of the experiments they do.


He wanted to do an experiment on Paimon

Albedo has a great curiosity and wants to unveil the mystery of everything around her. Due to deep curiosity, he couldn’t help but attracted to Paimon and made him float. In his dialogue, he even asked Traveler if he could borrow Paimon to experiment with him.


Those are the interesting facts about Albedo in the world of Genshin Impact. Behind her mysterious figure who is thirsty for the world’s mystery, she is also a loving figure for her younger sister, Klee. Klee also pleased with Albedo’s presence, and vice versa. Apart from that, his various accounts of what he likes and dislikes, make him feel like a normal human, or is that right?


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