Tips on How to Gain Your Gold Rank All the Way to Heroic in Free Fire!

For those of you who’s still in gold rank, don’t worry! We have a tips for you on how you gain your rank all the way to heroic in the best way!


One of the good way to spend your leisure time is to play video games. One of those games you can play is Free Fire. To help you in the game, we have some tips regarding character options, character combinations, and for now we have some tips for regarding Free Fire Season Rank for you to reach the top.

Choose the Character that Suits Your Gameplay

It’s essential to know that character option is crucial for your gameplay. Without the right character that suits your playing style, you wouldn’t be able to play optimally. Don’t waste your chance by picking the character in a random way. Choose wisely!

Land in a Less Crowded Area

You’ll have to land in an area where people are less likely to land, in order for you not to get killed really soon. Because if you do, it will affect your rank because you’re dying too soon.

Prepare Your Weaponry

For this one, you can check out our tips on how to choose your weapon in Free Fire, so you can adjust your weaponry in the game with your playing style.

Stealth and Quiet

By playing stealthily, you can push your rank easier because you’ll simply watch everyone kill each other without having to get involved in the battle. Remember, the point is to survive as long as possible to the end of the game.

Drive a Vehicle

Make sure you have a vehicle so you can move fast everywhere, and you can also kill an enemy by running them over. And you can also run from an ambush effortlessly.

And that’s how you can easily went from gold all the way to heroic the quickest way.