Wild Rift VPN Blocked , Say Goodbye to Outsider!

Generally they play from Europe, NA and China. These three regions cannot play Wild Rift on Google Play amd this the reason why wild rift vpn blocked


For the hook, Wild Rift players must be aware that there are players who play strange. Usually not because of their skills or knowledge of playing game below, but because of ping. Usually they use VPNs from countries that cannot play Wild Rift. This time, Riot takes the step that Wild Rift VPN is blocked so that it cannot be played from other regions.

Generally they play from Europe, NA, and China. These three regions cannot play Wild Rift on Google Play. The reason is because the open beta this time is only shown for Southeast Asia, so other players will be forced to use a VPN. This is very detrimental to the other players they play with.

By blocking VPN, Wild Rift will feel better according to Riot. They also said for other players to be patient because there is a schedule to follow. So don’t carelessly use a VPN to other regions to play. By using a VPN, everyone in the game is at a disadvantage.

Here, let’s talk about VPN Wild Rift being blocked by Riot and what happens to players who use the VPN. For those of you who use VPN it is better not to use it. Actually it won’t be banned, it’s just that the game won’t allow you to play later.


Wild rift VPN blocked

For those of you who want to read about what has changed regarding this Wild Rift VPN, you can see the official Wild Rift blog.

According to the Wild Rift developers, this is so as not to harm other players. This is of course obvious because playing with VPN players will definitely not be fun. Apart from their random connection due to forced play, language problems also often arise.

Quoting from the dev blog written by Landon McDowell, Technical Operations Director:


 in open beta area, but use a VPN. Am I going to be blocked?


I shouldn’t. If you are having trouble signing in, please contact player support.


Are you guys going to change this policy after things improve?


We may do so in the future, but have no plans for now.


Specifically, which countries are blocked?


We started with a block containing the highest volume VPN services outside the beta area. We will continue to evaluate whether other VPN services should be added to this list.


It was blocked due to this change even though its really wanted to play the game. How can I access it now?


We’re working to make Wild Rift available worldwide as soon as possible, but we don’t have an exact schedule yet. Trust us that we don’t want to block access to anyone, but we think this is the right step to provide the best experience for most players.


The above are some of the Fact about Wild Rift VPN being blocked. So for those of you who are outside the Wild Rift open beta region at this time, take it easy. Riot will follow the existing schedule to make this game even more feasible to play.

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