Build Item & Rune Yasuo ADC Wild Rift, Not Trolls!

Flexible enough to play, of course Yasuo is very popular. Himself who can be played on several lanes and the role is of course very strong.


Yasuo is one of the most popular champions in Wild Rift and LoL, you could say he is the poster boy for this game. Can fill mid lane and Baron, Yasuo can also fill ADC roles! Use the runes and build items for the Yasuo ADC Wild Rift below so you can try it.

Flexible enough to play, of course Yasuo is very popular. Himself who can be played on several lanes and the role is of course very strong. But playing as an ADC on a duo lane is sometimes seen as a troll by some.



  • Conqueror
  • Triumph
  • Spirit Walker
  • Pack Hunter

Item Build

  • Phantom Dancer
  • Gluttonous Greaves
  • Infinity Edge
  • Death’s Dance
  • Guardian Angel
  • Frozen Mallet
  • Quicksilver Enchant

The combination above is the best for those of you who want to play as Yasuo in the duo lane. Yasuo as an ADC can’t be careless, make sure you have the main ADC too. For example Vayne Baron or Varus / Ezreal mid so they can help your team.

Let’s discuss runes and build items for Yasuo ADC Wild Rift. Yasuo is very strong in duo lane because he can be a bully and anti-ADC lane on the lane. Especially when paired with the right support.



The choice of runes is actually not that different from the usual one. Yasuo will be aiming for runes that can help him get easy kills. Even so, we have changed a little so that it is suitable for use in a duo lane as an ADC. Maybe you can follow if you want.



Conqueror will definitely be your first choice. This rune will give Yasuo all the offensive advantages. With Conqueror, the damage this rune offers will be very helpful, especially for Yasuo, who has to be aggressive.



Some players usually use runes like Brutal or Gathering Storm, but I think Triumph is better. The reason is easy, sometimes Yasuo who is over aggro will often lose his HP. With Triumph, at least Yasuo could continue fighting endlessly if he got a kill.


Spirit Walker

Having to keep moving for the passive effect, Yasuo will greatly benefit from Spirit Walker. The HP bonuses offered are actually not very profitable, but slow resistance is what you are after. With a high slow resistance, it will be a little helped.


Hunter Pack

The Hunter Pack is your choice thanks to the bonus gold effect which might be of great help. Especially the stack with your hunter support pack which can make you a terrible combination. You can change to Hunter Genius but it’s less effective except for full aggro.



Item Build

The build items are actually not too different from Yasuo mid lane or Baron lane. In the duo lane you will still aim and a little bit of ASPD which is really needed by Yasuo. But a little sustain won’t bother you and can really help you out.


Phantom Dancer

Phantom Dancer is a must-have item for Yasuo. Offering a good ASPD and crit chance, this item also has a much needed Lifeline effect. Getting shiled when dying will be very much needed, especially when clutching. With this it can be easier to survive.


Gluttonous Greaves

For Yasuo’s shoes are quite flexible. Gluttonous will be bought more often thanks to its lifesteal effect. But other shoes like the Ninja Tabi or Mercury aren’t so bad either. A little sustain will go a long way, but Gluttonous will be your main target later.


Infinity Edge

Infinity Edge will be an item that Yasuo will feel the most. If you don’t know Yasuo has a higher crit chance, but the damage decreases. With Infinity Edge you can abuse Yasuo’s passive skills. Very strong and cannot be missed by you.


Death’s Dance

Death’s Dance will be your saving item. With a stat that is not so bad, of course it will be very helpful. But what you are aiming for is the Cauterize effect which can increase Yasuo’s sustain even further. Very useful if you are often aggressive.


Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel will definitely help you a lot, especially the Yasuo player who often advances against many of his opponents. With a well-balanced and fairly good stat, the revive effect is also no joke. You can turn things around very easily.


Frozen Mallet

Frozen Mallet could be your last item that might help. With the excellent sustain stat, the Icy effect can also help. Yasuo who is without CC can at least catch up with his opponent effectively. The slow effect can make it sticky to your opponent later.


Quicksilver Enchant

To upgrade your shoes, Quicksilver will be the most important. Anti CC will be very much needed by Yasuo who often comes forward. Other enchantments are less effective to use so just take this.


Those are the runes and build items for Yasuo ADC Wild Rift that might help you play later. Yasuo ADC is often considered a troll, but it is effective if you know how to play it.

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