Build Item & Rune Janna LOL Wild Rift

Even though the other supports are not very strong, Janna is quite good support. His advantage is survivability. Starting from shield, buff, heal, and CC.


Janna is quite flexible support, with runes and build items for Janna Wild Rift that are quite diverse, she can have many choices. But this time this Janna build is strong enough to make it a buffer support. Not only that, CC Janna should not be underestimated.

Even though other supports are not very strong, Janna is quite good support. His advantage is survivability. Starting from shield, buff, heal, and CC. Therefore Janna is arguably more suitable to be played on a duo lane with players who are party or understand.

Janna, if played properly, can keep the ADC strong. Whether in the laning phase or in the fight, Janna’s presence is often a threat. Therefore, it is not uncommon for him to always be targeted first thanks to his high impact. But this is what makes it rarely played.


Try following the build below which might help you play Janna even better. Janna, who is a strong but underrated champion, might be your first choice as support.



  • Summon Aery
  • Weakness
  • Loyalty
  • Pack Hunter

Item Build

  • Harmonic Echo
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity
  • Protector Vow
  • Ardent Censer
  • Athene’s Holy Grail
  • Adaptive Helmet
  • Redeeming Enchantment



For the choice of runes, as support, Janna has many choices. Quite flexible considering the buffer does not seem to depend on runes. But there are some runes that will help Janna and her team members. Also some of these runes are mandatory and cannot be replaced.


Summon Aery

Good thing that Aery’s rune will definitely be the most important main rune for Janna. This is because every time you shield, heal, and buff, your friends will be exposed to additional shield effects. Which will be very useful for Janna’s heavy buffing skillset.

Cannot be changed to other runes, try to use the meaning of this one. Nothing is suitable for Janna other than Aery unless you are for fun or trolling Janna AP who can use other damage runes.



Weakness cannot be underestimated by you. The effect of this rune in Janna’s hands will be felt, especially with the bonus damage. Janna has a CC you can rely on which can activate the Weakness effect. This Weakness effect can also be felt by your team members, it is also suitable for support.



As a champion who must stick to other team members, Janna can rely on Loyalty for her own benefit. Additional AR and MR that even stack with others, can be felt during the laning phase or team fight. Good enough to support buffer it seems.


Hunter Pack

The Hunter Pack will be useful like Loyalty where you will benefit your team members as long as you are around. With Pack Hunter, the MVSPD and gold buff will be very good, especially if you are aggressive in taking advantage of the existing gold bonuses.



Item Build

For Janna’s build items, unfortunately she can’t replace many items. Janna has 3 to 4 core items that are mandatory below, therefore what can be flexible is maybe a maximum of 2 slots. But calm down, these items are very powerful and make Janna even more terrifying.


Harmonic Echo

You must rush the Harmonic Echo as the first item. This item is mandatory because the stats and effects it offers are high. AP, mana, and CDR will certainly come in handy. Not only that, Janna’s shield and heal can reach up to three team targets which will be very good in team fight.


Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Ionian will be a shoe that is also a must for Janna. Janna as a mage buffer support will be important to continue to release her skills, Ionian with high CDR would be good. Cannot be changed to other shoes because none of them are suitable for use.


Protector Vow

A mandatory item for support, Protector Vow has a very good effect and can also help Janna provide a Protector effect where there will be another shield. Not only that, the HP, armor and CDR stats are also good for Janna who is very weak and easy to kill by her opponent.


Ardent Censer

There are so many Janna core items that can’t be replaced or exchanged, Ardent is also one of them. With HP, AP, and CDR stats it will certainly be useful. But that’s not what was sought, but the Ardent effect. When healing or shielding, your team members will get ASPD and additional damage.


Athene’s Holy Grail

This item can actually be changed to something else, but the AP, MR, and CDR stats are very tempting. Moreover, the Blood Price effect which can provide additional heal for the team can be useful. For alternative items, maybe you can buy utility items like Rylai for slow.


Adaptive Helmet

HP, regen, and MR can make Janna stronger against many AP champions. But not only that, this item is actually used for anti burst AP where the Adaptive effect can be very useful. Can be changed to Abyssal Mask if you need additional AP damage for the team.


Redeeming Enchantment

For Enchantment you can use Redeeming or Shadow. Redeeming is useful for giving heal and executing opponents. If you want to play more aggressively then Shadow for ganking and opening the map can be your main choice. Depending on the needs later.


Those are the runes and build items for Janna Wild Rift that are very useful for Janna in the Wild Rift. Maybe you can use and imitate it when in the game. Extremely strong and underrated, Janna can help the team members.

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