Chess Rush Review, Android’s Best Auto Battler Game

Review of the Auto Battler Chess Rush Game


Chess Rush is an Auto Battler game that is quite popular in Indonesia. This one game is here to compete with other Auto Battler games and is quite popular in Indonesia.

On the Google Play Store itself, Chess Rush has managed to get 5 million downloads and quite attracts the attention of gamers who are getting bored to play MOBA games like Mobile Legends.


Review of the Auto Battler Chess Rush Game

Chess Rush has a very simple UI. This game successfully spoiled the eyes of these players and comes with various customization features on the game and the main characters using vouchers or gold. Now to make it even more interesting here is a brief review of the following Chess Rush game.


Has Very Beautiful Graphics

As an Auto Batler Game, Chess Rush has very beautiful graphics, you can enjoy games with this smooth graphics on a smartphone.

As a game on a mobile device, of course, the graphic itself can spoil the eyes because it has a real shadow and grass effect and makes this game feel more alive.

Also, you can play Chess Rush smoothly on mid-end class smartphones and up, with its high frame rate mode which you can activate at will. So take it easy if you have a smartphone, it will be quite smooth when playing this one game.

Various Characters that are Cute and Adorable

In this Chess Rush Game, there are cute and adorable characters, this game has a good design with the first character that you can use, the white and brown dog.

Also, there are some other interesting characters that you can buy through the store. Therefore, Chess can be the best Auto Batler game at the moment.


Has a Turbo Mode

In-Game Chess Rush there are two different modes, namely Casual Match and also Turbo Mode which you can play.

You can play this Turbo Mode and finish it with a fairly fast one, you can play it in just 10 minutes. This is perfect for those of you who don’t have a long time to play a game,

Whereas Casual Match is a mode that is slightly longer than Turbo Mode. You can play it for 20 to 25 minutes, you can play it on your free time.

Have a Guide For Beginners

Well for those of you who’s never played the Auto Batler Game before. In the game Chess Rush, there are guidelines which gonna help you to do it alone. In this game, there is a tutorial mode that you can learn.

Even from the lineup’s recommendations, it’s easy for you to understand, so you won’t be confused to play in the future.

Even for item and hero issues are also recommended by the guide. This is of course very useful for those of you who are novice players in the Auto Batler game.


Now that’s some short review points on the game Auto Batler Chess Rush which is quite popular at this time. Are you guys playing this one game? Look forward to the combo reviews and other tips in the next article.