20 Strongest Heroes LOL Mobile Wild Rift, Best Champions!

it as a starting game for mobile legends beginners . the Wild Rift Champion that is arguably the Meta with the largest percentage of Most Pick.


In the mobile Lol Wild Rift game, there will be more than 40 Champions when it is released. With so many Champions that you can use, it might make you confused about where to start. Of all the heroes, we will present a hero who can be called a meta because he has the Most pick in the game. There is a strong hero LoL Mobile Wild Rift that you must know before Migrating from Mobile Legends.

20 Best and Strongest Champions in LoL Mobile Wild Rift!

This hero is a must for you to use in the wild rift which LoL mobile players must know that they are the best champions:

  • Miss Fortune
  • Yasuo
  • Garen
  • Master Yi
  • Zed
  • Fizz
  • Darius
  • Jinx
  • Jhin
  • Nami
  • Katarina
  • Soraka
  • Nasus
  • Dr Mundo
  • Lux
  • Seraphine
  • Akali
  • Malphite
  • Camille
  • Teemo

For champions who have been dropped they have not officially entered the Wild Rift at the time of this writing. The existing Champions are filtered from their performance in the tournament and also the high level ranks of League of Legends.

That way you can try it as a starting game for new mobile legends migrating beginners. The following is the Wild Rift Champion that is arguably the Meta with the largest percentage of Most Pick.


Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune has the largest percentage of Most Pick because it has a skill set that is easy to use and very ferocious. You can also attack enemies easily because Miss Fortune has a large AOE damage skill. Miss Fortune can also chase enemies easily thanks to her Passiveness so it will be easy for you to get kills. Plus its ferocious ultimate can attack multiple enemies with great damage.



Yasuo is the Champion who usually plays in this mid having the biggest tire in the rank. Yasuo can attack enemies from a distance, approaching enemies easily thanks to his dash and can deflect all projectile or range attacks.

You could say Yasuo is a very easy Champion to use because he has a complete skill kit. Yasuo can also be a support or occupy the top lane. With complete skills, Yasuo can Zoning the enemy team, so you can easily do Farming.



Garen is a very strong tank hero on the Top lane. on the top lane Garen can survive very strong because he has passive recovery if he is out of combat making him last longer in lane. Not only a thick defense, Garen also has skills that can reduce enemy defense and Ultimate which is useful as a Finisher. This hero not only has a strong defense but also a great attack. Garen also has a passive that can increase Defense and Magic Defense as many kills as he has. As a Top laner Garen is a strong Champion.


Master Yi

Yi is one of the jungler heroes in Wild Rift. Yi is an easy-to-use jungler because he can chase enemies easily and has useful Recovery skills in the jungle. Yi can run without being slowed down thanks to and adds Attack speed thanks to its Ultimate. Yi adds Attack speed and Crit, because he also has a passive that makes him do additional attacks and has skills that give True Damage making it easy to use.



Zed is a mid hero with massive Burst damage. With his Shadow skill, Zed can attack enemies from a distance and his Shadow will also issue Zed’s Skill. With his Zoning skills and fierce burst damage, Zed is one of the most widely used Champions. His skill is easy to use and also, Zed is one Champion who doesn’t use mana making it easy to guard the lane. The lane occupied by Zed is mid. in Mid, Zed can count many heroes including Yasuo with ease. So Zed is a meta Champion in Mid to counter Champion mid.



Fizz is an Assassin who can penetrate these minions usually found in Mid lane, but Fizz can also occupy the Top lane as a Bruiser. With his Bassic attack, Fizz can give bonus damage to enemies. Not only is he good damage, he also has an escape skill that can also be used to attack. Fizz has an Ultimate that can be used as a Finisher making it easy to get kills. With a useful skill kit, Fizz can rotate and get kills easily. Fizz can also occupy the Top lane because as a bruiser Fizz has good damage and defense. With his sick skills, Fizz can send enemy Champions to return to base.



Darius can give Debuff Bleed every time he hits an enemy, his passivity allows him to lower the enemy’s HP easily. Darius usually occupies the Top lane because he has the skills to recede it. With great AoE skills and skills that can attract enemies, Darius is a fierce Top Laner, then one of his skills can strengthen his Next Basic Attack which has a slow effect, making it difficult for his enemies to run away from him. All skills that have great damage, Darius is also a hero who has a pretty good Deffense.



Jinx is a Hard Carry ADC that is very effective in the mid or late game. Jinx has a fast attack and is very dangerous when replacing it with his Rocket Launcher, making him very fierce. Jinx also has CC skills such as Slow and Root making it difficult to gang. That way, Jinx is a bit difficult to use because his skills rely on Skill Shot, so if you are not familiar with Skill Shot it might be a bit difficult.

The ultimate also relies on Skill Shot because it is global. So you can shoot the enemy from the base, then the ultimate will be the more damage calculated from the target’s Lost HP. Even so, Jinx needs suitable items and a team that can take good care of them. Jinx has a large Atk speed and fierce damage making it easy to use. However, the need for a lot of items makes it difficult to play in the Early game.




Jhin has a Passive that gives a Guaranteed Critical hit on every last Bullet, then if he can Crit, then jhin will get Movement Speed. To protect him from Gank, Jhin also has the skill to put traps, which if someone steps on him he will be seen for a while. Jhin also has a long range root skill, and also a damage skill that can bounce to several enemies, allowing him to attack enemies from a distance. The ultimate can shoot enemies from a distance with 4 shots, each shot has a slow effect, then the last bullet has an additional Guaranteed Critical Hit effect. As ADC Jhin is a Champion that is easy to use and has a good variant of skills making him a meta Champion.



Nami is a Champion Support who can heal and buff friends, as well as good CC such as Stun area, Slow and Knockback. As support, Nami is a suitable support for almost all ADCs, because her skills can give movement speed effects to friends, making it difficult to attack.

Nami also has a heal that can make the ADC longer on the lane and a slow Buff for the ADC so that it can attack enemies easily. The ultimate can open Team Fight well and give Movement speed to friends making it very ferocious in Team Fight.



Katarina is an assassin hero who usually occupies this mid, a very ferocious Champion. The skill that can attack the enemy and drop the knife makes it difficult to attack. By taking the knife, Katarina will inflict AoE damage to the surroundings. Katarina is a bit difficult to use, but is one of the Champions who is suitable as an assassin and has a fierce Ultimate AoE DPS, making it suitable for Team Fight.

Katarina does not have CC skills making it difficult to attack enemies and also, if Katarina is hit by CC it will be very dangerous. So, Katarina is a good Champion if you can use her movement skills and position her blades properly.



Soraka is a Support healer that has CC and Heal / sec. Soraka has a passive that provides movement speed if he walks to a friend Champion with dying blood. That way soraka can heal quickly. If Soraka manages to damage the enemy with his damage skill, then Soraka will get a recovery buff, and if Soraka heals a friend, his friend will get the same heal buff.

Soraka also has good CC skills like silent, Silent AoE. If the enemy stands in his silent circle, the enemy will be rooted at the end of his skill. This is what makes Soraka a support that can help ADC from enemy skills. Soraka also has global Skills that make it easy for him to help the team even from a distance.



Nasus is a Champion Top laner who has a life steal as his passive. He has complete buffs and debuffs, making him a top laner. he has skill Slow to single target and Deffense down area which makes it easy to attack enemies. not only that, Nasus also has a skill that strengthens his basic attack, making his damage ferocious.

After that, Nasus has the ultimate self-buff and strengthens him to fight enemies. That way, Nasus is a Champion who will find it difficult to fight and can weaken the enemy with defense down.


Dr Mundo

Dr Mundo, the tanker with a large passive healt regen was a difficult Champion to conquer. Dr Mundo has a large Healt regen but has a skill that will get sicker which counts the less blood he has. Dr Mundo also has a skill that can drain enemy blood, making it even more difficult to fight, especially when fighting multiple enemies.

With the extraordinary self buff from his ultimate, Dr. Mundo gets a large Health Regain, but the ultimate eats up his HP. So this Champion is the strongest tank with a fierce Health regen.



Lux is a Mage who can fill the mid lane but he can also be a good support. Lux has CC skills such as slow and root, not only that Lux also has a Skill shield which is useful for survivability.



Seraphine is very strong as support or mid laner. This skill can be used 2 times, making it very strong to use against enemies. Meanwhile, the heal and shield skills it has are very strong to use to help the team. One of the most flexible and easy-to-use champagne.



Akali is very strong if you can play aggressively. Attacking the enemy and activating the passive is quite difficult, but it can hit the enemy quite easily. Of course, position is quite important and the timing you have is very important.



Malphite is a champion bruiser who can provide support. his skill in attacking many enemies and giving cc, makes him very strong when fighting enemies who gather. Not only that, the damage it has should not be underestimated.



Camille can be a powerful jungler or offlane. His skill in doing poke is very strong, and can catch up with enemies quickly. He is also very strong at 1v1, so he can fill the offlane well.



Teemo can be a strong offlaner, because it can create mines that trap champions well. Not only that, this champion can also take care of himself, thanks to the mines he has.

The passive will give a signal to the enemy, and if Lux attacks the enemy with a basic attack, the attack will give a bonus magic attack. AoE is slow and the damage is very painful, then the root can hit 2 people, it’s very easy to use. Not only that, his Global Ultimate has ferocious damage, making him a great mid laner.


That’s the meta Hero in Wild Rift that you can try. Even though the above includes the meta heroes with the most played champion percentages, you should also try other Champions, because this meta champion can be Counterpicked with other Champions.