Build Item And Rune Jarvan IV Jungle LOL Wild Rift

Jarvan IV is one of the champion junglers who can clean jungle fast and also flanks well. this is build item and rune jarvan IV .


Item build is very important for you to use, and can have a big impact when playing in the wild rift. Junglers must also pay attention to the use of build items, because they can help them attack enemies while playing. By using the right items and runes, you can play it easier. Here we will provide tips regarding build and champion items in the wild rift.

Jarvan IV is one of the champion junglers who can clean jungle quickly and also flanks well. He has strong skills in chasing enemies, and also attacking enemies. Jarvan also possesses skills that can help him withstand enemy attacks, making him an all-around champion.

The build items that are used usually use build items that increase their damage against enemies. By using the right build items, you can use Jarvan more easily. There are also many choices of items that you can use, so that you can improve this champion properly.


Jarvan IV can be a jungler, with his skills in attacking enemies. Here we have a build item that you can see below:



  • Conqueror
  • Brutal
  • Hunter Titan
  • Mastermind

Item Build

  • Black Cleaver
  • Mercury Threads
  • Death’s Dance
  • Steraks Gage Raduins Omen
  • Guardian Angle
  • Stasis Enchant

Here we will provide tips regarding the Item Build and Rune Jarvan IV Jungle in the Wild Rift. Apart from using build items, runes are also very important for you to pay attention to. There are runes that can increase Jarvan attack, making him even stronger as a jungler.



Runes are one of the features in the wild rift that you can use. This rune can give you various buffs and stats that you can use, for the champions you play. Each rune has its own use that you can use, so that you can more easily attack enemies or withstand enemy attacks. You can see the recommended runes for the jarvan if you want to use it as a jungler.



This rune will give additional jarvan damage with the skills and basic attacks it has. Every time you attack the enemy using basic attacks or skills, you will get a stack. Each stack can increase your damage.

If you attack the enemy and collect the stack to the full, you will get an additional 10% damage to the enemy champion. The damage depends on the damage you have, physical or magical.



The rune will increase the jarvan damage when playing. This rune will give him additional attack damage and armor penetration when attacking enemies. That way, you can do even more damage.


Hunter Titan

This rune will give him extra blood, so you can withstand enemy attacks more easily. Not only that, every time you defeat a different enemy champion, you will get 20 max health and 4% additional tenacity. Since each team has 5 champions, you can have a maximum of 5 stacks of these runes.



As a jungler, Jarvan can provide additional damage to epic monsters by using this rune. Not only epic monsters, but also turrets. Every time you assist or destroy turrets or epic monsters, you will get an additional 100 gold and 500 EXP when playing.



Item Build

The build item used by Jarvan is actually quite easy, but very conditional. You must be able to collect gold quickly, so that you can collect items and strengthen your attacks. If you are confused about the use of the item, you can see it below.


Black Cleaver

This first item is perfect for Jarvan when he becomes a jungler, because it will provide additional damage and cooldown reduction. Not only that, he also received max health, making it easier for him to withstand enemy attacks.

The effect of this item allows him to lower the enemy’s armor for 6 seconds. This effect can be stacked up to 6 times, so you can reduce it by 24%. Not only that, your attacks can increase movement speed, and it will be bigger if you kill. The effect cannot be stacked, so you can only get 1 effect.


Mercury Threads

Shoe items to withstand cc attacks from enemies. With this item you can withstand magic attacks from enemies and cc. When you are exposed to cc, the effect of the cc will be reduced by 30%. So, you can get rid of the enemy crowd control effect faster.


Death’s Dance

This one item will provide additional damage and cooldown reduction, so you can attack enemies and use skills faster. Not only that, you also get additional physical vamp, so you can fill your blood when attacking enemies.


Streaks Gage

Items that will give you 50% additional damage. This item will also give you an additional shield, if your blood is below 35%. The shield is as much as 75% of your blood, and lasts for 3 seconds. This item cannot be used by a champion range, so it is very suitable for use for a jar.

When you attack the enemy, this item will help you deal damage. You can give an additional 50% damage from this item, as bonus damage. So, the more damage you have, the bigger the bonus damage you will give.


Raduins Omen

This one item will provide a jarvan armor and an effect that can withstand enemy attacks. With this item, the critical damage received will be reduced, so you won’t reduce the damage to withstand the attack. Not only that, when you attack an enemy their attack speed will decrease by 15%.


Static Enchant

This one item has skills that can help you avoid enemy attacks. You cannot be attacked at all by using the skills of this item, but you cannot move or use skills. So, you must be able to use this item properly, so you don’t get attacked by the enemy at the wrong time.


Those are tips regarding the Item Build and Jarvan IV Jungle Rune in the Wild Rift, which you can try. If you are confused about using items for champion jarvan in wild rift, you can try using this build item. If there are items that you feel are not suitable, you can replace them with other items. Because, this is only a build item recommendation based on your playing experience.