5 Champion Support LOL Mobile Wild Rift

There are Champions who can provide heal, have strong CC, or have defense that can take enemy attacks and you have to know 5 champion support in wild rift.


Support is an important role in Wild Rift. You must be able to help the team, especially maintaining adc in doing farming. That way, your team will become stronger and safer with support. Indeed, this role is not used too much, because support cannot take kills from other Champions. Instead, you have to give a kill to your team, and you can only take assists. Many champions can become support in Wild Rift. Here we will discuss about Champion support in LoL Mobile Wild Rift that you can use.

Many champions can become support if you play well and use the right items. You must be able to protect your team, and be able to open the map properly. Use Ward effectively when roaming, so that your map can be opened and visible. This role is quite a difficult role, because not only do you have to be able to protect your team, you also have to be able to open the map and guard the tower.

There are also many types of support that you can use. There are Champions who can provide heal, have strong CC, or have defense that can take enemy attacks. What is important in being support is maintaining the carry and use of the item. If you use an item carelessly, the Carry you guard will be in trouble.

Here are Champion Support Recommendations for LoL Mobile Wild Rift beginners, which you can try. The heroes below can be strong support in attacking enemies or guarding your colleagues. Using the wild rift beginner support item is also very important, so don’t forget.


The following are LOL Mobile champions that we recommend for you to play:

  1. Lux

Lux was originally an AP hero because she had high burst damage. However, because he has strong buff and CC skills, Lux can be a support hero too. You can rely on its Root and slow skills to attack enemies, and don’t forget to use support items too.

  1. Bliztcrank

Bliztcrank is a support tank hero that has a strong CC. He can attract enemies from a distance, and use skills that will have an airborne effect. Even though most of the skills are single tagged, Bliztcrank is also strong in teamfight. One of the mainstays of support because it has a complete skill kit.

  1. Soraka

Soraka is a Support healer who has CC skills. He can give heal to friends and himself. One of the supports that is easy to use, and has emergency heal from Ultimate. You can give heal to all of your teammates with the Ultimate. In addition, this silent skill followed by root is very useful for stopping enemies.

  1. Nami

Nami is a Support Buff / Healer hero. The skill can give buffs to heal your friends. Unlike Soraka which can provide instant heal and Heal Persecond, Nami only provides heal and buff. However, Nami has strong and ultimate CC skills which are very useful when teamfights or running from enemies.

  1. Janna

Janna is a very strong CC Support hero. He can help the team with shields and attack enemies slowly. His ultimate can encourage all enemies around him and give heal to your friends.


Those are Champion Support Recommendations for Wild Rift Beginners, which you can try. There are still many heroes who can become Champions. However, if you are confused, you can try one of these heroes.


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