Build Item Aurelion SoL LOL Mobile Wild Rift, Damage Sustain!

Sol is not an easy champion for you to play. He needs a very good positioning, especially using his skills. this is build aurelion sol in wild rift.


There aren’t many mages in Wild Rift that barbarians can play with. Entering into a fight and being in the middle is not that common even though it does exist. One of them is Aurelion Sol or what is often called ASol or Sol. You need the right Aurelion Sol Wild Rift build item so that his potential looks far away.

Sol is not an easy champion for you to play. He needs a very good positioning, especially using his skills. His skill is quite difficult to use effectively if you don’t understand good positioning, beginners might find it difficult the first time.

Playing Sol is also quite complicated because it’s not just positioning, there’s more that you have to pay attention to. Which is knowing when to commit and not. This is because Sol’s skill 1 will get stronger stun if you have a long travel range, making him strong enough to become an initiator or follow up.


Item Build Aurelion Sol Wild Rift

But if you want to use Sol and are still confused about the build, we will provide the Aurelion Sol Wild Rift build items below;

  • Rod of Ages
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity
  • Rylai’s Crystal Scepter
  • Liandry’s Torment
  • Rabadon’s Cap
  • Void Staff


This build item is the strongest and suitable for you to use. Soles that require sustained damage can get stronger with this build.

Here, let’s discuss the Aurelion Sol Wild Rift build items that you can use. Sol actually doesn’t need high damage spike AP items because what Sol is looking for is a balance between sustain and her overtime damage enhancer. Therefore, the style of play will also be different from the mage that you usually use.


Rof of Ages

For increasing AP and sustain at the same time, no item could be more precise than a Rod of Ages. Sol will greatly benefit from using this item thanks to the high HP and sustain from the Eternity effect. Especially in the late game it will get stronger.

But if you want to become a champion who is sicker you can change to Archangel Staff. But remember, by changing Rod of Ages to Archangel Staff you will lose its high sustain, but your damage won’t be messing around. In addition, the Archangel Staff makes Sol inexhaustible.


Ionian Boots of Lucidity

For the choice of shoes, the sole is not too tied. Ionian is the main choice thanks to its CDR which indirectly increases Sol’s output damage. But if you want to be more sustainable, you can buy other shoes that are more suitable depending on your matchup in the game.


Rylai’s Crsytal Scepter

Rylai will be one of Sol’s core items that you can’t miss. Apart from providing an excellent sustain stat, Rylai also offers a slow on your spells. Now the Rylai effect is very synergistic with your skills, especially skill 2. It can make it difficult for your opponent to escape if Sol has entered the right distance.


Liandry’s Torment

Liandry will be your next core item and has a very strong synergy with Sol and his build item. What’s interesting is that besides Liandry providing AP sustain stat, the Liandry effect also synergizes with the previous Rylai! Liandry who gives bonus damage against CC-CC enemies will be very strong in Sol.


Rabadon’s Deathcap

This item does not need a long explanation. Almost all AP champions who need damage will buy Rabadon’s. With a very high AP stat and also the effect that upscale your AP, of course it is suitable for use by Sol. Buy this item only after your cores are finished.


Void Staff

For the last item, Sol is actually quite free and independent. You can buy any item as long as it’s still suitable for use. But Void Staff is usually purchased for additional damage, especially against tanks. Abyssal Mask can also be an alternative for those of you who want to sustain against AP.


Those are the Aurelion Sol Wild Rift build items that you can use in the game. Of course Sol is very strong when played properly. Unfortunately, the use of complicated and niche skills makes it less popular to play.


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