5 Factors Influence Team Fight LOL Mobile Wild Rift

It is quite fatal to win a teamfight, especially in the late game. If you are wrong and lose in the late game teamfight, this usually leads to defeat.


Of course team fight is very important. The team fight winner in the late game can be the winner in the game. With the factors that affect the Wild Rift team fight, if the team can take advantage of this they can win easily. Even so, it is not easy to use it.

It’s quite fatal to win a team fight, especially in the late game. If you are wrong and lose in the late game team fight, this usually leads to defeat. Because Wild Rift does not have a buyback system, if you die, you have to wait for the revive time. In the late game, the revive time can be up to a minute!

Therefore, you must understand the factors that can affect your team fight. Of course this is only the basis because it can still be expanded again. Quite useful for many people. Stay away from team fight if you don’t master these factors;

  • Farm
  • Position
  • Vision
  • amount
  • Available skills

Here, let’s discuss the details of the factors that affect the Wild Rift team fight, hopefully you can win and run smoothly when you play. Understand what to do so that later you don’t get confused when playing.



Farm will be a major factor when determining team fight. Pay attention to the net worth core and your team, whether it can beat or at least compensate for your opponents. It is very important to pay attention to the farm

Even missing one item can have a big impact! Therefore always pay attention to your strengths and compare, whether it is worth engaging with or not. Always take this into account.



Position is also very important because there are some champions who are getting stronger in good positioning, and vice versa if they are bad then they will be bad. This must be taken into account from the composition of the team.

For teams that use many team fight champions, usually a large area such as a lane will benefit greatly. But some champion duelists and also high mobility can play smoothly in narrow places such as jungle or even pits.



Vision is equally important. If you hold a team fight without vision, it’s better to just go home. Especially if your opponent can attack you but you have trouble fighting back. Some champions need a target to use skills, without vision it will be difficult.



The number of players joining the team fight is also quite important. If you are outnumbered you should just back off. Especially if your numbers are far too small, it is not a team fight because it is more suitable to be said as a gang. Don’t push yourself when you are outnumbered.


Available skills

The skills available here mean resources. Starting from cooldown skills, mana, and stamina. For example, some champions like Zed who don’t have the stamina are better off because it’s useless. Champion initiator without ulti is also not very good and useful later.


Those are some of the factors that influence the Wild Rift team fight that you can understand. Take note of this as they are quite fatal if not followed.


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