5 Fighter Or Jungling Baron LOL Wild Rift

For those of you who want to be more superior, you can try using one of the champions here and this 5 fighter and jungling barons in mobile wild rift.


The fighters on the moba certainly have similarities that are quite similar, namely sustain and damage. It’s no different in Wild Rift where these fighters can double as tanks and even some ADCs. Some of these Baron or Jungling LoL Wild Rift fighters can help you play more relaxed because of their very high potential.

For those of you who want to be more superior, you can try using one of the champions here. Even some are in the upper tier and are indeed very difficult to beat. Especially in Baron lane where one death can end up losing the lane, very fatal.


Baron or Jungling LOL Wild Rift

For those of you who are curious about who is a fighter who deserves to be at the top with the title of fighter Baron or Jungling LoL Wild Rift, you can see below:


  • Camille
  • Darius
  • Garen
  • Lee Sin
  • Fiora

These five champions can be your best choice. Very strong both in Baron lane or jungle, maybe it could be your power pick. Even some of these champions were very difficult to counter for opponents who didn’t understand how to fight them.

Here, let’s talk about 5 fighters Baron or Jungling LOL Wild Rift. Very strong and consistent could be their main factor. Moreover, some of these champions are required to be on the hard counter so that they cannot be effective and force the opponent to move towards the build item. Beneficial for your team.



Maybe you could say that currently Camille is the best champion in the Baron or Jungling LoL Wild Rift fighter class. He can fill the Baron and the jungle perfectly and there is almost no downside. High damage, strong sustain, good duel, until the lockdown has. For opponents who face Camille, be extra careful.



At the time of writing, Darius is not yet officially released, but he and Draven have appeared as a sneakpeek update and can be played. Darius is the king of lane bully, not only that he is also very sustainable. It’s almost impossible to win a trade against him on Baron lane.



Garen is a very tanky champion, his sustain is very difficult to contain and Garen has very high damage. In laning it will be very difficult to fight Garen thanks to its insane sustain and damage. Not to mention that Garen has a very strong executable style.


Lee Sin

Lee Sin is a jungler who might be said to be very broken. Broken for so many reasons. The most important thing is that at level 3 Lee can do effective ganking and also Lee is a deadly high skill cap champion. His Insec technique is terrible because it can auto kill opponents.



Fiora is the duelist queen. He can autowin during 1v1 duels if played correctly. It’s very difficult to fight reliable Fiora on the lane, especially if you don’t know how to counter him. Interestingly, Fiora is not very popular in the picks even though he is very effective to be played on the Baron lane.


Those are some of the best Wild Rift fighters that you can use. They are very strong in their respective roles and of course terrible when played properly. In fact one of them almost auto tires in the draft pick!


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