Item Build & Rune Soraka Wild Rift, Best Healer!

With high heal and annoying pokes, Soraka is often the main target in fights. It is not uncommon for an assassin or a tank.


For those of you who want to play support healers, of course, Soraka is the right champion. This rune and build item for Soraka Wild Rift can increase the effectiveness of your heal. Even anti heal sometimes can’t hold back Soraka’s very high heal.

With high heal and annoying pokes, Soraka is often the main target in fights. It is not uncommon for an assassin or a tank to immediately jump on him to perform a shutdown. It’s not wise to let Soraka continue to fight because of his heal.


  • Summon Aery
  • Triumph
  • Loyalty
  • Pack Hunter

Item Build

  • Protector Vow
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity
  • Ardent Censer
  • Athen’s Unholy Grail
  • Harmonic Echo
  • Adaptive Helmet
  • Redeeming Enchantment

Of course it will be very strong. Soraka on the lane of course often annoys opponents thanks to his heal and poke. Especially with the global heal, Soraka can easily reverse the situation.

Here, let’s discuss the runes and build items for Soraka Wild Rift. Soraka is an underrated champion. Even though it’s not tanky, Soraka is arguably quite sustainable with his regen which is often annoying.



For the choice of runes, Soraka is actually quite flexible. He didn’t really depend on runes because there weren’t many runes that supported healers at the moment. But this is an advantage too because it depends on your playing style, you can adjust the runes later.


Summon Aery

Aery is a very suitable rune for Soraka thanks to the heal and effect of this rune. Soraka who is actively giving heal will certainly benefit from Aery’s shield. Moreover, close proximity to team members will benefit Aery’s spam when playing.



For the next runes, unfortunately, nothing is good for Soraka. You can take rune damage up but Soraka doesn’t need it. Triumph is arguably the best rune in this position even though it will rarely be active. As a support you will avoid a lot of kills but the heal is not so bad.



Loyalty will be very important for Soraka because he has to be active near his team members. With the addition of AR as well as MR for team members, of course Soraka’s existence will be felt by the team. Especially him who can make team members durable in fighting.


Hunter Pack

Just like Loyalty, the reason you will use Pack Hunter is presence. Soraka will always be near his team members where the Pack Hunter effect will be felt. Especially if you play aggressively, the gold bonus can be very useful to be constantly active.



Item Build

For build items, there are not many variations for Soraka. He has 3 core items that cannot be replaced and several other items that are mandatory. Can be replaced, it’s just not so good. Therefore not many variations might make it easy to read.


Protector Vow

For the first item, as support, it is almost mandatory to buy Protector Vow. With a stat that adds a little sustain, this item also offers a very strong effect. You can protect your team members more consistently by heal and shield.


Ionian boots of Lucidity

Ionian is the best shoe for Soraka and cannot be changed to other items. Very effective with his CDR so that Soraka can keep spamming his opponents. Later you have to immediately upgrade which we will explain at the end.


Ardent Censer

This is Soraka’s very strong core item. This item offers amazing stats for support. Not only that, this item will provide an offensive buff effect for enemies who are buffed, shielded, or healed. UIti Soraka with this item can give global buff!


Athen’s Unholy Grail

Athen provides interesting stats too with AP, MR, and CDR. Not only that, the effect of this item is also very strong for Soraka to avoid excess damage. With the damage turned into a stack, Soraka’s next heal will jump high. Collect the stack and use your ulti.


Harmonic Echo

Harmonic is also strong enough for Soraka with its effects. Great stats for spam skills thanks to mana and CDR, Harmonic has a very underrated effect. You can branch your heal with just one skill. The important thing is to be active and just spam your skills.


Adaptive Helmet

The last slot item is actually quite flexible and you can change it at will. Adaptive is bought to sustain against magic which is easy to kill Soraka. You can change to Randuin’s Omen or other defensive items at will. Not so sure.


Redeeming Enchantment

You must have this enchantment item once after the first item is finished. With Redeeming, you can become a clutch healer. The more heals the better it is for Soraka. Especially with this true item damage, it’s not so bad for securing your opponent’s kill.


Use the runes and build items of Soraka Wild Rift so that you can be more consistent in playing Soraka. He is very strong and relatively consistent considering Soraka is the only effective healer support focus.

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