5 Ways To Unlock Genshin Impact’s Dive Feature


Genshin Impact has released lots of really cool new updates for Travelers to know about all of them right now. So that way we will know how to open the Genshin Impact Dive Feature, it will be easy to explore under the sea. Because this new feature comes after Fontaine’s arrival, it can show that the journey is getting easier.

Especially now that there are still lots of good updates that are very diverse, making you know more about all of that now. Making us understand more about this, so that the traveler will continue the story of his journey so easily.

Then there is also a List of Genshin Impact Characters that you can know, it is indeed very diverse and you can immediately know clearly. Surely that way you will become more aware of all this, so that you understand each character’s abilities.

Then to be able to know how to open the Genshin Impact Dive Feature, Travelers can immediately try it for themselves so they can explore the World of Water. Because this will also affect the Story, it can even help you find a lot of various treasures.

How to Unlock Genshin Impact’s Dive Feature

  1. Complete the Archon Quest Mondstadt first, so you can open a Teleport Point near Fontaine.
  2. Later those of you who have reached the Teleport can go to The Seven Statue in Fontaine.
  3. Then we can immediately take Hydro Traveler’s power to get Diving Access.
  4. A little chat with Paimon about this feature.
  5. You can dive right away, but so far only Fontaine Waters.

The latest feature that makes Travelers Dive is very good, we can even explore Underwater very easily. Enjoy the view of Fontaine from under the Water and discover too many Treasures and adventures that just keep adding to it.

How to Unlock Genshin Impact's Dive Feature

After we know how to open the Genshin Impact Dive feature, travelers can immediately explore the place. Of course there will be many interesting things using this latest feature, so that diving also gets a lot of things.

Then there is also the Fontaine Genshin Impact Character that you can recognize now, it’s really good and looks cool. In fact, they also play an important role in the story of Fontaine itself.