7 Build Item Best Full AP Ahri LOL Mobile Wild Rift

Usually a champion with strong skills like Ahri, the build item relies on a full ap build and you have to know how build item from ahri.


Every champion in the wild rift has a different bead build item for you to use. Some have the sustain type of damage and some have the burst damage type. Depending on the type of champion you are using, the use of these Champion items also varies. Here we will discuss about the build items in the wild rift.

Usually a champion with strong skills like Ahri, the build item relies on a full ap build. By having high power abilities, Ahri can inflict high damage from the skills he gives. Therefore, the use of items is very important for him to use. As you know, Ahri is one of the champions with high damage skills, and scaling from power abilities.

Ahri is one of the champions who has high damage from his burst skills. He can do poke easily, and can deal high damage to enemies. Ahri also has skills that can clear lanes quickly, making him very strong in taking mid lane.


Ahri Wild Rift’s best full AP build

This ahri build item can help you play in LoL Mobile wild rift. You can see the build items below:

  • Luden’s Echo
  • Glutonnous Greaves
  • Inifinity Orb
  • Merollonomicon
  • Rabaddon’s Cap
  • Void Staff
  • Stasis Enchant (En)

Here we will provide tips regarding the Best Full AP Item Build Ahri Wild Rift, which you can use. By using this item, you can make Ahri stronger. If you are confused about Ahri’s build items, you can try the build items below, you can count any champion.

Ahri is strong at giving burst damage and has a strong poke damage to keep attacking enemies. As one of the upper tier mages, Ahri is quite difficult to use, because his aggressive way of playing is very risky.


Luden’s Echo

For Champions who can give easy poke, you can use this item. With this item, your skill attack will give additional ability damage to 3 enemies around the target around the enemy that is hit by your skill. One of the AP items that is suitable for providing area damage to the enemy.


Glutonnous greaves

This item will give you a magic vamp to Ahri. Ahri’s attacks will give him a little heal which can help him attack enemies. As you know, in using ahri, you must be able to enter the front lines so that your skills hit the enemy.


Infinity Orb

This item will help Ahri in attacking enemies, because it can give you additional movement speed. Besides that, you also get magic penetration which can penetrate the enemy’s defense. This item also has a passive which makes your power abilities give crit as much as 20% bonus damage to enemies below 35%.



This item will also give you magic penetration that can penetrate your defenses. Not only that, your magic damage will also give you the Grievous Wound effect. This effect will make the enemy affected by the effect the heal they get is reduced by 40%. By using this item you can reduce the enemy’s blood easily, even if the enemy uses heal or increase their blood.


Rabaddon’s Cap

Items that will increase your damage very high for Ahri. This item will provide 130 power abilities that can be stacked with the same item. However, his unique skill provides an additional ability power of 40% of your total ability power. By using this item, your ability power will increase very high.


Vois staff

This one item will increase your ability power quite high. However, if you are in the late game with an enemy that uses a lot of magic resist items, you can try this item. This item gives you an additional 40% magic penetration. So, your attacks can make up for the enemy’s magic resist easily.



Static echnat (En)

This one item is an enchantment of the shoes you use. By using this item, you will get active skills that can help you avoid enemy attacks. This active skill will make you unable to attack or move for 2.5 seconds. One item that is perfect for avoiding enemy attacks. However, you have to be careful because this item has a long cooldown.


Those are the tips regarding Ahri Wild Rift’s Best Full AP Item Build, which you can use. By using this item, you will become strong in using ahri. Ahri himself is a top tier champion who can count multiple champions. With the right way to play and build the right items, you can win the game more easily.


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