Best Akali Mid Build Item LOL Mobile Wild Rift

In playing wild rift, item usage is very important to strengthen the champion you are using. this is best akali mid build item in mobile wild rift.


The build items for the champion that you use vary depending on how to play and the skills that the champion has. By using the right build item, the champion you are using will become even stronger. Here we will discuss the items and champions in the wild rift.

In playing Wild Rift, item usage is very important to strengthen the champion you are using. Some items not only provide additional stats, but some provide passive skills that you can use. By utilizing these skills, you can find it easier to attack enemies or defend against enemy attacks.

Akali is one of the assassins who can be a mid laner, because of his ability to provide burst damage to enemies. In addition, this champion can attack enemies quickly, with fast movement skills. This champion can stay on the lane for a long time, and can roam quickly. By using the right build items, you can make this champion become very strong as a mid laner.


The Best Akali Mid Build Items in LoL Mobile Wild Rift

Akali build item as a mid laner is quite complicated considering the mixed attacks. You can see the build items based on my playing experience below:

  • Hextech Gunblade
  • Gluttonous Graves
  • Infinity Orb
  • Morellonomicon
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap
  • Void Staff
  • Stasis Enchant

Akali is an assassin who uses power abilities as his attack. Some of his attacks can provide magic damage, making him strong in attacking enemies. Usually using full AP items, which can increase the damage to basic attacks.


Hextech Gunblade

This one theme is suitable for use in hybrid play. In my opinion, by using this item, you can easily increase your damage when using skills or hitting them with basic attacks. In addition, this weapon will also give you physical vamp and magical vamp, which in my opinion are very suitable for playing hybrids.


Gluttonous Graves

Shoes that will help outsmart in filling blood. When compared to others, this one shoe can help outsmart in increasing his blood. Because, these shoes can provide a high enough life steal. In my opinion, it’s easy to be short of cellphones, because he likes to go to the front lines. By using this, at least he could keep his blood safe.


Infinity Orb

This one item can help outsmart in chasing enemies, and make its attacks penetrate enemy defenses. This item has additional movement speed, magic penetration, and even crit to attack enemies. Akali can defeat enemies who have low blood quickly using this one item. Because, if the enemy’s blood is below 35%, you will get crit for using his skills.



This one item can help outsmart in attacking enemies, with high heal. For example, Akali wants to fight an enemy who has a high lifesteal, or a champion who has healing skills. By using this one item, tricks can make the enemy he attacks, unable to use heal to the maximum. So, guts can kill him easily.


Rabadon’s Deathcap

This one item can increase Akali’s damage very high. In my opinion, this item will suit your intellect, because it will really require damage in the late game. This item will increase Akali’s damage very high, because it can increase the ability power. The passive also increases the ability power which makes this item even higher.


Void Staff

Items that have a penetrating effect. Items that will make the attack will penetrate armor. Because in the late game many champions use armor such as defense and others, this item can penetrate it easily. If you use this item, you can penetrate the enemy’s armor easily, because it not only has magic penetration but also has power abilities. As you know, many champions have finished build items. This item will help you deal damage.


Static Enchantment

This item is an enchant item from boots with active skills. This active skill is quite good when used with the right timing. You can’t move, but you can’t take damage either. By using this item, you can easily avoid enemy attacks. However, because the cooldown it has is quite low, it’s a good idea to use it well. Sometimes using this item can only harm you.


Those are the tips regarding the Best Akali Mid Build Items in the Wild Rift, which you can use. Akali is a little difficult to use, but because of his hybrid attacks, he is strong in various battles. The items above can indeed help outsmart in increasing their attacks.


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