Best Wild Rift Midlaner Line, Auto Win LOL Mobile!

It's not easy playing as a midlaner in Wild Rift. Maybe you could say midlaner is the most difficult role in this game and this is best wild rift midlaner.


Esportsku will talk about the best Midlaner Wild Rift lineup. For those of you who want to play mid maybe a little confused when playing other mobile. The reason is, in Wild Rift the midlaner is very flexible, almost all champions can play here. The way to play is also quite different because each champion has a different laning method too.

It’s not easy playing as a midlaner in Wild Rift. Maybe you could say midlaner is the most difficult role in this game. Indirectly, you have to manage all maps and lanes as midlaners. You must be alert and agile when responding to other lanes and you must not lose on your own lane.

That’s why we will give you some of the best midlaner champions in Wild Rift. This is to help you play the midlaner even better and maybe it can help you play in the mid lane. Even though it’s not easy, at least you have to understand and master some of these champions.

Here, let’s talk about the 7 best Wild Rift midlaners that you can use. They are very strong and consistent, it could be the best choice for you to dominate the lane. But at least understand the basics of the midlane first so you don’t get confused or surprised later.



Ahri is a very strong midlaner right now. He can dominate the lane easily thanks to his very high poke and burst damage. In the midlane, Ahri can also do solo kills easily if the combos are not missed and all of them can be launched.



Right now, Zed is the best midlaner in the Wild Rift. Not only in Wild Rift, because in LoL Zed almost touched the 100% pick / tire rate! In the midlane, Zed can easily win the lane thanks to his very high damage in the form of pokes and bursts.



Yasuo is a champion who is also strong in the midlane. He is terrible poker as well as a consistent bully lane. If you can play Yasuo in the mid lane, this is very good. The reason is because Yasuo is also strong in playing on the duo lane or Baron lane.



Just like Yasuo, Malphite is a versatile cahmpion. He can be played as support, midlane, and also Baron lane. In the midlane, Malphite is a really terrible buly champion. He can constantly bully opponents and also consistently holds mid control.



Ziggs is one of the dangerous poker nukers in the mid lane. He can even push many strong midlaners thanks to his zoning. Playing as Ziggs has to be smart about both the position and the distance. The only champion artillery with powerful escape and nuke skills.


That’s the best Wild Rift midlaner that you can use right now. They are terrible if used properly as they can control the map easily. In the midlane, it could be the first choice.


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