Choice of the Best Chongyun Build Items in Genshin Impact

Chongyun is a Claymore user character, with Cyro elements. The use of Artifact and Weapons in Genshin Impact has a big impact on the game


The use of Artifact and Weapons in Genshin Impact has a big impact on the game. If you use good weapons and artifacts, you can make your character stronger.

Chongyun is a Claymore user character, with Cyro elements. This character has smaller scaling damage. However, his Elemental Burst attack was enormous.

Many use it as Support, but there are also those who use it as Cyro DPS. However, because he has less damage. This character is indeed more suitable to support with his buff skill.


Choice of the Best Chongyun Build Items in Genshin Impact

Chongyun has 2 item build options that you can try. You can use the Support build item, or Cyro DPS. The use of Artifact and Weapons for these two build items is slightly different, so you have to pay attention to it.

As you know, the use of artifacts and weapons has a huge impact on the characters you will use. You can try using the build items below, for Chongyun.



Chongyun can be a support thanks to his elemental skills. When he uses Elemental skills, the melee attack your active character uses, will give Cyro effect (no effect on Tartaglia)

So, you can inflict cyro damage to enemies using your DPS character, then use Elemental Reaction. That way, you can strengthen your attacks and attack enemies with Elemental Reaction.



Favonius Greatswordis a choice of weapons that are suitable for you to use, because this weapon has a high enough recharge energy. In addition, you can use skills faster, because you will get energy when Crit attacks on enemies.

You can also use Skyward Pride. This more expensive weapon can only be obtained through Gacha alone. By playing the Energy Recharge stat, you can fill your skills faster. This weapon can also buff chongyun when the skill is used.



You can use the Noblesse Oblige Full Set, because you can give the enemy a buff as well as buff the party. When you have used elemental skills and elemental bursts, you can switch to other characters to combine them.

If you want to inflict greater damage on the Burst that Chongyun has, you can use 2 Nobless Oblige and 2 Blizzard Strayer. With this artifact, you don’t give buffs but rather increase Burst on Chongyun.



For the recommended team, you can use Diluc as your main DPS. Diluc’s attack can be turned into ice with the Chongyun skill. After that, you can use Diluc’s skills to give Melt an effect.

Besides Diluc, you can use Xiangling DPS. However, you guys should not use it with razor. Because, most of the raids use physical damage builds. If the attack is switched to Cyro, the damage will be drastically reduced.


Cyro DPS

A build item that increases Cyro’s attack on Chongyun and makes him a source of damage to the team. By using an artifact that increases Burst damage, it becomes very strong in giving burst damage.

The use of his weapon is more expensive than him being Support, so it’s a little difficult for you to use it unless you have the required weapon. There are many alternative weapons that you can use, but they have less than good results.



For the use of the weapon, you can use Wolf Gravestone. The best claymore weapon in the game. You will get an additional ATK%, and your ATK will increase when attacking enemies with a little blood.

Apart from these weapons, you can use Skyward Pride. However, the damage dealt is less than the previous weapon. You can play faster in using bursts when using this one weapon.



Using the artifact is very easy, you can use the Noblesse Oblige Full Set. Because, you will have very high Brust damage. In addition, after you use burst damage, you guys will increase very high.

You can also mix it with a Gladiator for additional Atk. By using this artifact, you will not get additional damage when using Burst. This is because Chongyun’s energy recharge is quite high.



For characters that match him, you can use Xinqiu. Xinqiu has quite unique defensive skills, with high burst damage. With Xinqiu’s elemental burst skill.


Those are the tips regarding Chongyun’s Best Build Item Choices in Genshin Impact, which you can try. By using this build item, maybe you can make the character you are using stronger.


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