10 FPS PC 2020 Games you must try!

a PC 2020 FPS Games that you must try!


Playing games always a fun thing. Even for a real gamer, playing is game the best way for waisting time. Besides being able to raise the mood, playing game also train our brain to think and determine of choice. This time there are 10 FPS PC Games 2020 that you must try.

Examples are like in a game with an FPS theme or that has an abbreviation for First Person Shooter. What is an FPS game? Maybe you’re confused when you first hear it, but if we mention Call of Duty, Apex Legends, or even Far Cry for sure you already understand what FPS games mean.

FPS game is a game that displays the viewpoint of the first person. So if you play a game with the FPS genre, you can feel as if the character you are playing is yourself. FPS Games will also show a picture of the surrounding according to your movements, really as if you were entering into it.

Then what PC FPS games should you try? Check out the explanation below!


a PC 2020 FPS Games that you must try!


Call Of Duty : Black Ops 4

Gambar dari Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 1/4

This game use a more luxurious and modern FPS. This game is more comfortable to play when compared to the previous version, because Treyarch and Activision as the developers of this game received a lot of criticism and then fix it with a better version.

Battlefield V

Battlefield V batal rilis mode 5v5 | ONE Esports - Markasnya Esports

This game is the biggest franchise in the gaming industry. The Game also presents a thrilling plot that is against the Nazi army with the most sophisticated alchemist of its time.

Call Of Duty : Modern WarfareCall of Duty: Modern Warfare Pamer Alur Cerita di Trailer Baru ...

This game has an advantage that maybe not all games have it that is cross-platform feature. So the players from different platforms like PC, Xbox One or even Playstation 4 can play in 1 server simultaneously.

Metro ExodusBuy Metro Exodus - Microsoft Store en-CA

This PC FPS Game is an advanced story of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. In this game you will found with a new faction, then ride the train with functions as Headquarters and house. This Game will train your strategic patterns in giving the decision to survive in a world of danger.

Apex LegendApex Legends™ for PC | Origin

A similar game with Battle Royale, but it has FPS genre, Apex Legends offers a very fast match. This Game has a rich feel with the Battle Royale genre. It ives you an intense match with different characters and abilities. It also takes geographic portraits such as the typical modern planet Prahistoris.

Far Cry New Dawn5 Tips dan Trik untuk Pemain Pemula Far Cry New Dawn — Skyegrid Media

Far Cry New Dawn is an advanced game from Far Cry 5. If you don’t mind the storyline, you don’t have to play Far Cry 5 games to enjoy the game.

This Game takes the concept of the story 17 years after the traumatic event of a nuclear upstream blow. The surviving character of the event tried to build a new life in an area called Hope Country.

But apparently the struggle to build a new life back was prevented by a group of criminals named Highwaymen. Player must make everything run according to the storyline through battle.

DOOM EternalDoom Eternal hands-on: Customizable combat on the run | VentureBeat

Apparently the task of Doom Slayer on DOOM (2016) has not been completed, because Hell’s troops were able to invade Earth, therefore the Eternal DOOM was created. In this game, players will be given a close-up weapon with new shades. The game also manages to improve maneuverability in combat, later there will be characters and multiplayer mode that characterizes the game.

Dishonored 2Buy Dishonored 2 - Microsoft Store

This game starts the story about 15 years after its first game. In this game you will play as a female character named Emily Kaldwin who grows into a mature woman. You’ll play as the protagonist’s character (a character with a good personality) before, Corvo Attano is the father of Emily and serves as a patron and a counselor.

Rage 2Rage 2 Hadirkan Cuplikan Gameplay yang Gila-gilaan!" - KINCIR.com

This Game features passionate characters, as well as upgraded vehicles. The ability of the Opcoir coupled with new addition becomes more points for this Rage 2 game. Not forgetting to break the strategy, because the game has a pretty intense enemy invasion.

Bioshock InfiniteBioShock Infinite - 2K

In this game, you will play a character named Booker Dewitt, a detective who is looking for a female target named Elizabeth with the intention of rescuing and bringing her home alive.

The Game has a Columbia background, a utopia city that floats in the sky. If you manage to play until the end, you want to repeat it again because this game is very addictive to play many times.


Based on our explanation above, where is the FPS game that attracts your attention? Thank you for you!