Build Item And Runes Gragas Wild Rift, Powerful Solo Laner

Gragas' style of play differs greatly from other fighters. His sustain doesn't make Gragas come forward and fight, but regen HP. So Gragas must play safe.


Gragas is a quite interesting mage fighter. Compared to other mages, he is very sustainable, but this doesn’t make him less damage because Gragas is a fighter mage. With this Gragas Wild Rift rune and build item, you can use a thick fighter with high damage.

However, Gragas’ style of play differs greatly from other fighters. His sustain doesn’t make Gragas come forward and fight, but regen HP. So Gragas must play from a safe distance and also try to kite the opponent. But there is still a strong 1v1 battle with the opposing champion, making it terrible.

Gragas is roughly a fighter who focuses on burst damage. With a skillset that does lean towards all damage, of course Gragas will be played aggressively. He is often used as a burst initiator which is very suitable for combos with several champions.

For those of you who are curious about the runes as well as the build items, we will provide them below. Very strong thanks to its high damage, Gragas also has high sustain which is hard to fight.



  • Electrocute
  • Weakness
  • Hunter Titan
  • Mastermind

Item Build

  • Archangel Staff
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity
  • Luden’s Echo
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap
  • Abyssal Mask
  • Lich Bane
  • Teleport Enchantment

This build item will focus on full damage, but calm your sustain still feels thanks to its passive. Especially Gragas which is rarely included except initiating. The high damage is not high, especially in the late game thanks to excellent scaling.

Here, let’s discuss Gragas Wild Rift runes and build items based on my playing experience. With his high damage, Gragas cannot be underestimated. Even in the laning phase as either a midlaner or a Baron laner, Gragas can easily win lane efficiently.



Gragas will focus on offensive runes that can increase its damage effectiveness. With this rune, the damage will be very maximal both in the early to late game. Some can be replaced as needed but attempted not because Gragas needs them all.



Electrocute will become Gragas’ mandatory rune. It’s quite simple, damage. Yes, the damage from Electrocute is perfect for the combo burst champion which Gragas falls into this category. With his combo Gragas can easily kill solo in lane or team fight.



Weakness if you don’t change it because the effect of the bonus damage is very large. Gragas also has several CCs that can be utilized, therefore the Weakness effect can easily continue to be active. Moreover, one opposing team can be given debuff weakness thanks to its AoE CC!

Hunter Titan

Titan will be an additional sustain for you Gragas players. Even though the regen is good, the additional HP and tenacity aren’t that bad either. Especially if you are actively looking for kills in the early game, Gragas can snowball very easily. Worth using for Gragas.



Mastermind will be a rune that is arguably not mandatory, it’s just very good for Gragas. With Mastermind you will be more useful for the team thanks to additional damage in the objective. But you can change to Hunter Genius for CDR so you can keep spam skills.


Item build

For the build items, it is clear that Gragas will focus on full damage which is his specialty. With a focus on full damage, Gragas can become a terrible champion. Fighters who play like mages and vice versa will certainly be difficult to fight. Use this build item for easy wins.


Archangel Staff

There is only one problem in Gragas, namely mana. He is required to spend a lot of skills but not so much mana. With the Archangel Staff turning into Seraph Embrace at least this problem could be covered.


Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Ionian shoes will be the best choice for you Gragas players. High CDR will make this one champion keep throwing barrels. There aren’t many choices of shoes for Gragas, so just focus on getting Ionian for you to use thanks to the CDR.


Luden’s Echo

Luden’s is an item that will boost your damage even higher. With a very high AP, mana, and CDR will certainly be needed by Gragas. The bonus damage from Luden’s effect will also be very useful in spamming Gragas’ skill, it can’t be missed.


Rabadon’s Deathcap

With this item, you will feel Gragas’ damage which is not playfully high. Rabadon’s will give the highest AP in one item and also the Overkill effect which gives high scaling. This item will be more pronounced in the late game which is very important.


Abyssal Mask

This item will be your choice of hybrid item. With the sustain + stat which is also CDR would be very good. But the effect of this item will be your target. With this item Gragas can not die thanks to its heal, besides that the bonus damage effect is very pronounced for you.


Lich Bane

The last item is actually very flexible, you can buy any item as long as it fits. But Lichbane will be the main one because the damage is very high suitable for Gragas. Damage Gragas, especially in his selfbuff skill, can hit his opponent at one time!


Teleport Echant

Teleport will suit Gragas especially playing solo lane. With this enchantment, Gragas can have a very high presence. Suitable for those of you who can play around fast and also not miss gold and EXP.


Those are the Gragas Wild Rift runes and build items that are perfect. Of course, playing aggressively with his high damage makes Gragas very terrible. Can be played as any role makes it flexible.


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