Here are 5 interesting facts about Diona on Genshin Impact

In this article the author wants to focus on interesting facts from Diona in Genshin Impact that are interesting to know.


For some players, choosing a character that is played sometimes does not always consider the skill set or gameplay, but rather the shape of the character. This does not sound strange (the writer feels it too), what matters is how to fully enjoy the process of the game.

Moreover, the characters in Genshin Impact are quite iconic with various designs and lively personalities. An example is the figure of Diona, a small female character with a cute cat race that has a tough but gentle personality depending on the situation and conditions.

You can read a guide about Diona at this link. This time the author wants to share information about interesting facts from Diona that you may not know, so let’s look at this article together.


Here are 5 interesting facts about Diona on Genshin Impact

Diona is a little girl with cat ears and a cat tail. He is a four star character (B4) in Genshin Impact who uses a Bow weapon, and he has Cryo vision which he can use to freeze his opponents in battle. Diona makes a living working at the Cat’s Tail bar, where she was initially hired due to the fact that the owner found her adorable.

Even though Diona really dislikes alcohol, she has the ability to make any drink she mixes up very tasty. This ability actually makes Diona very angry because even the dirtiest ingredients cannot damage her drink. Besides that, what are some interesting facts that can be found from the figure of Diona?


He Hates Diluc

As a bartender, Diona naturally knows about Diluc, the owner of Dawn Winery. Instead of seeing him as a competitor or idolizing him like other Mondstadt residents, he felt nothing but hatred.

However, on the other hand, Diluc actually wanted to meet him because he didn’t like alcohol. It looks like Diona and Diluc have a lot in common, but it will take some time before the two can chat.


He Has Night Vision Style Night Vision

One of the things that Diona seems to be worried about is how Traveler can come home at night. One part of her voice over revealed that Diona tried to take the Traveler home because she was worried that they would not be able to see well in the dark because they had no night vision.

Diona can see very well in the dark, and her eyes can help her hunt even in pitch black nights.


Draff Is The Father Of Diona

Diona loved her father very much and saw him as his idol. As it turns out, his father is none other than Draff, who is the most successful hunter in Springvale. Draff helps the player on a mission involving his city and seems to be very fond of his daughter.

In fact, Draff is the reason why Diona hates alcohol so much, because she tends to get drunk and disappoint her. That’s a pretty good reason to hate alcohol.


He Will Bite When Angry

Diona is not one to take harassment lightly, especially when using her charms to help the wine industry. As revealed through her story and dialogue, Diona’s method of warding off those who bully her is to bite them. This even happened to NPC Elzer when he tried to hire him.


She Loves to Rebellious

Diona is unlike the rest of Mondstadt, in that she deeply hates the alcohol industry. Her father claimed this was due to the rebellious phase, but Diona thought that alcohol exposed the worst traits to humans. Its only true aim is to spoil everyone at Mondstadt’s appetite for alcohol by making a nasty mixed drink.

Those are the interesting facts from Diona in the world of Genshin Impact. As a mixed breed rarely found in Mondstadt, it sometimes led to Diona receiving unpleasant experiences from other citizens or customers at the Cat’s Tail bar. But it seems that Diona is able to take care of herself and is very attentive to her friends. By the way, how old is Diona really?



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