How to get Equivalent Exchange Mission of Genshin Impact

Confused not to find an Equivalent Exchange Mission in Genshin Impact? This is how to get the quest and finish it! Must be curious about Equivalent Exchange


Some Genshin Impact gamers must be very curious about one of the Equivalent Exchange Missions. Which this mission is indeed difficult to complete because it never appears. Now this is how to get an exchange mission that is equivalent to Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games and is played by many gamers today. Has an Action RPG genre wrapped in anime style. This game is really beyond expectations, no wonder Genshin Impact became the most played game at the end of 2020.

There are various missions that you can complete in the game Genshin Impact. One of them is the Equal Exchange Mission. What is different from one mission and another mission is because this mission is difficult to obtain. Which means that only some random players can complete.

Equivalent Exchange Missions will appear randomly, but you can bring them up in the way we will share in this review. But before that, you can check the Event in the following ways.


How to Check Genshin Impact Equivalent Exchange Missions Completed or Not

To check whether you have finished it or not, you can see it on the reputation feature in the city of Mondstadt. It’s easy to do the following.


  • First, please teleport to the nearest Waypoint in downtown Mondstadt.
  • Next, go to NPCs who often provide reputation feature quests.
  • Next, please click on any missions that you have completed.
  • There will be an Equal Exchange Mission there, if not then it hasn’t been checked out.

In this way you will be able to know whether the Equal Exchange Mission has been completed or not. Next, you only need to fish so that you can bring up quests or Exchange Missions in the following ways.


How to come up with an equivalent exchange quest

To unlock Equal Exchange Missions, you must complete a daily mission entitled Winter Story. After completing the daily mission, the next one will meet Viktor at the Mondstadt Cathedral.

Talk to Viktor who is a Fatui Diplomat, finish the conversation with the vicar and then you can open an Equal Exchange Mission at Genshin Impact.

After the active mission, then it remains only to complete your task, by talking to Sara in The Good Hunter. Next you will be directed, and complete according to the instructions given.


At the end of the mission you only need to slaughter the monsters and the mission is complete. You will also get around 30000 Mora and other prizes. So, isn’t it easy to complete the Genshin Impact Equal Exchange Mission?


Now that’s all for how to complete the Genshin Impact Equal Exchange Mission for those of you who haven’t been able to open this one mission at all. Hopefully, the presence of this review can provide an accurate explanation for the Traveler. See you later!