Here are 5 Interesting Facts about Xingqiu on Genshin Impact

This time the author wants to share information about Xingqiu's interesting facts from Gensin Impact that you may not know


Genshin Impact’s efforts to make various personalities in each character deserve to be appreciated. Each character has their own voice over that displays their unique personality, one of which is Xingqiu. He can be quite outspoken about the other characters but realizes it is better not to express it.

This time the author wants to share information about interesting facts from Xingqiu that you may not know, so let’s look at this article together.


Here are 5 Interesting Facts about Xingqiu on Genshin Impact

One of the characters that is rarely talked about in Genshin Impact is Xingqiu. He is a four star sword user (B4) who possesses Vision Hydro. He is one of the few characters whose stories have been introduced, and he seems to like books.

In fact, Xingqiu had a deep curiosity for the things that were happening around her and didn’t mind unraveling the mysteries that surrounded Qiqi and Zhongli. 

Besides that, what are some interesting facts that can be found out from Xingqiu’s figure?


She Wants To Be A Hero

Despite her naughty nature, Xingqiu had been inspired by the books she read about brave men and women. More than anything, Xingqiu hopes to one day become a hero who can protect the weak.

She often sneaks up to face bandits and happily goes on secret adventures with Traveler to hone his fighting skills.


Chongyun is his best friend

Xingqiu is a young man who spends a lot of time keeping up appearances. However, his best friend, Chongyun, was more than aware of the boy’s true personality. 

Chongyun often had to put up with Xingqiu when he acted like his real self, which often made poor Chongyun endure jokes.


She Doesn’t Like Ningguang

Unlike most of the characters in the game, Xingqiu has a strong opinion about the characters she has met. He disliked Ninguang, something many people in Liyue were afraid to say. For whatever reason, she kept it a secret to avoid trouble.

Besides that, it turns out that she also finds Xinyan quite annoying because she listens to his loud music. It seemed that Xingqiu could tell when Xiangling was cooking an experimental dish.


He was traumatized by eating carrots

Most of the in-game characters have food they don’t like, but like Zhongli, Xingqiu has a terrible reaction to his least favorite food. 

Xingqiu became physically sick if she ate carrots because her mother would always serve mashed carrots when she was young.


She Looked Down on His Brother

Xingqiu is the youngest of two siblings and will not be the one to inherit the family business. From the story, the player can tell that she doesn’t think his brother is very smart. Xingqiu is often lectured by her brother, who acts more for the family.

Even though his brother was the right person, Xingqiu believed that she was not smart enough to run his own company.


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