How to Make Xiao Genshin Impact Lanterns

Now we explain how to make Xiao Genshin Impact Lanterns, starting from the crafting process, looking for materials and others.


The Lantern Rite Genshin Impact Festival started by giving various attractive prizes that distributed free of charge. One of them is the Mechanicus Theater Event which you can play using the Xiao Lantern. This is how to make the Xiao Genshin Impact Lantern.

Lantern Xiao is one of the crafting items that you can make as a requirement to enter the Theater Mechanicus game.

For this reason, you need a lot of Lantern Xiao if you want to complete Theater Mechanicus and claim the various prizes that you can get. That’s why we will give you how to make Lantern Xiao and tips on farming materials for making it.


How to Make Xiao Genshin Impact Lanterns

To make yourself very easy, most difficult thing find material that Xiao Lantern made of. Now for the first one, let’s make first how you can get the Xiao Lantern.

  • First please go to the nearest Alchemy and then do Crafting in general.
  • In menu there new item called Lantern Xiao, which manufacturing process three items such Lantern Fiber, Plaustrite Shard and Wick Material.
  • Craft using it, and you have succeeded in making Xiao Lantern in Genshin Impact.


Lantern Xiao Material Farming Tips

There are three ingredients for making Lantern Xiao including Lantern Fiber, Plaustrite Shard and Wick Material.


Lantern Fiber

Lantern Fiber is a fibrous material commonly used to make lanterns that allow the lanterns to float far to the top. To get this item, you can find it in plant fruit in Liyue.

To find it is very easy, you can find it on Berry, Apple, Jaeyun Cilli and other similar plants.


Plaustrite Shard

Second is the Plaustrie Shard which is a mysterious mining stone, you can get almost every Chunk in Genhin Impact. To make it easier to find you can get the location of the blacksmith in the city of Liyue.


Wick Material

Lastly is the Wick Material, which is a fibrous material used to make wicks in lanterns. You can get Wick Material by beating Hilichurt’s monster in Liyue.


So easy isn’t it? That way you can make lots of Xiao Lanterns that you can use to enter the Mechanicus Theater Event.