How And Rules Of Playing Hide And Seek Among Us

Hide and Seek in Among Us will take you to a new style of play that is very different from the usual Among Us and of course will have a fun atmosphere.


Among Us has indeed become a successful game on the rise lately after its release in 2018. Presenting a different type of game than the others has made Among Us so popular and there popular to How and Rules When You Playing Hide And Seek In Among Us

from how this game was able to shoot and go viral being played by many people. All of them have to try this game developed and released directly by InnerSloth.

Even though you can’t change the mode “directly”, those of you who want to try a different game on Among Us can try playing “Hide and Seek” in Among Us!


Of course, Hide and Seek rules in Among Us are different from the usual mode. Here are the rules and how to play Hide and Seek among Us.


Play hide and seek among us

Before deciding to play Hide and Seek in Among Us, make sure you know and understand very well about the existing rules. Not only for you, but for all the players in the same lobby.

Even so, it is possible that you can change the existing rules a little. Here are the rules for playing Hide and Seek among Us:

  1. In Hide and Seek Among rules, there will only be 1 player who acts as an impostor regardless of the number of players in the lobby
  2. Impostor in set to have a small vision. On the other hand, Crewmate is set to have a broad vision
  3. When starting the game, Impostor is required to show his true identity
  4. Meanwhile, Crewmate will be given some time to run and find a safe place
  5. When the game starts, the Impostor will start chasing a Crewmate
  6. Impostors are prohibited from sabotaging throughout the game
  7. Crewmate who found the body is not allowed to report
  8. Impostors must not use vent to move places, must walk
  9. An impostor is considered to win if he kills all Crewmates
  10. Crewmate is considered to win if they successfully complete all existing missions

After looking at the rules and playing styles of Hide and Seek in Among Us, this should be noted that Hide and Seek can only be played with people who understand this mode.

In addition, Hide and Seek in Among Us is not recommended to be played solo, because surely other players who want to play the mode will usually be confused because they have different settings.

How? This game style will be 180 degrees different from the usual Among Us mode, are you interested in trying to play Hide and Seek immediately in Among Us with your friends?

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