How to Control PUBG Mobile 4 Finger Settings

This time, the way to control PUBG Mobile 4 fingers is easy especially for those of you who want to be more pro at playing.


For those of you who are one of the PUBG Mobile games, but it’s really hard to get a chicken dinner, maybe the main reason is that your controls are fairly ordinary, to get a win, you can try the PUBG Mobile 4 finger control settings.

Why 4 Fingers day? This control is often used by pro players and of course the most effective for you to use, because the 4 finger control has less difficulty and the effect you get in doing various things will be better.

For those of you who don’t want to try 4 fingers, we also do before giving you the 3 finger PUBG Mobile control settings that we discussed earlier. But this time we will provide 4 finger control to make the game more exclusive.

Esportsku this time will provide easy 4 finger PUBG Mobile control settings specifically for those of you who want to be more pro in playing the PUBG Mobile game, now watch and use the following methods.


How to Control PUBG Mobile 4 Finger Settings

How to Control PUBG Mobile 4 Finger Settings

Players in general usually only use 2 fingers, now for those of you who want to look more professional, you can use the 4 finger setting which we will convey below.

First, of course, the settings control that you can adjust, to use four fingers, you can use the settings that you can apply as follows.

  • First enter the Settings menu.
  • Click the Control section, and then select Customize.
  • Next, adjust it with the following settings.

pubg 4 fingers

So you can use some of the controls above, for example, but still, the position of the d-pad that you use is according to your own convenience and of course, you can adjust it freely.

After setting up the layout, you can apply the next few steps, namely assigning four fingers according to the tasks you can each assign. Now for the four fingers are as follows.

4 finger claws

  • Right thumb to control aim, recoil and direction.
  • Right forefinger for fire, scope, peek and fire, looting, proning, standing, jumping and squatting.
  • Left thumb for movement only
  • Left forefinger opens fire.

But don’t just stick to the uses above, you have to use several other functions which suit your individual convenience. Of course, some of the explanations above are standard controls that you can apply.

For example, the index finger does have many functions that you can move than the thumb. Besides that, the reflex that you can apply with your index finger is of course faster than your thumb, so it will provide more function.


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